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Thanks for nothing but 45 minutes wasted, DirecTV.

I love having a DVR, it's made my life one big nirvana. I've been pleased with my DirecTV HD DVR service overall. But I always have this niggling fear that sometime, somehow, something I really want isn't going to record.

When I finally sit down on Friday to catch up on shows I've taped through the week, it seems like a small list. I notice that Glee taped, but Raising Hope didn't. So I pull up my To Do list of upcoming shows to record and it shows 0. I have about 25 shows to record, and NONE of them have any upcoming episodes in the next two weeks? I don't think so. But thinking it was maybe a temporary glitch, I left it. But tonight it's still showing 0 episodes for allll my programs.

I do a search for Glee, and see it tonight and it's not showing that it's scheduled to record. So I tell it to record the series. Now I have a listing for "Glee HD (0)" and "Glee (1)". Same for Raising Hope. Same for The Office. HD shows (0), but non-HD shows the proper eps.

And SO. I call DirecTV and this girl answers. I think her name is [ETA: name doesn't matter I guess]?

It is apparent from the get-go that she has no clue what I'm talking about or what could be the issue. And I definitely don't get the impression that she's terrible devoted to finding a resolution.

She kept doing that annoying thing where I would explain the situation and she would say "OK." and then there would be this eternal-feeling silence. For minutes at a time. Or she would put me on hold in lieu of silence. I get the impression she was hoping I would just get tired of her ignorance and hang up. Then she would finally come back with some genius question like "So your HD isn't showing up?" I understand that sometimes you have to read things, or get help from a manager or tech line. But give me a "Let me just look into that" or "Can you hold on for a minute while I check something?" Don't just sit in awkward silence. How about a "How's your day?" or "Oh, I like that show too" or "I'm sorry for your problem, let me try to fix it for you."

We sit in silence for probly 35 minutes of a 45 minute call. At the end, obviously really desperate to just get rid of me, she says "Well the only other thing we can try is to reset the hard drive but that takes 90 minutes."

I finally have to admit defeat and accept that she neither knows nor cares why my programs aren't recording, and has no intention of going any further. I work in a call center too, although we have much more stringent call guidelines obviously. It's why we're consistently ranked #1 in online retail customer satisfaction.

She wins. I mumble something along the lines of I'll just see what it does and call back if I need to. 45 minutes of my not-unlimited cell phone minutes later (I don't have a landline).

*sigh* I hope my shows record.

Edit: I did just not try power cycling on the advice of several users here (not the DirecTV technical support employee), but I'm not seeing any change in what is scheduled to record. Or what's not, if you like.
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