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Big D and Gas Pumps

This morning I just happened to look down at my gas gauge as I was pulling onto Jackson Boulevard and saw that it was on the "E". Luckily (or so I thought), there's a gas station just down the street so I headed straight for it.

The pump was *really* slow. But I've been doing a lot of running for work lately so I didn't want to only put $5 or $10 in so I stood there the entire ten minutes it took to fill my tank. Rather than shutting itself off as it's supposed to do, it just kept going and I ended up with quite a bit of gas spilled down the side of my truck.

There was someone behind me waiting so I grabbed my receipt and then drove over to the building to let the clerk know what was going on. Her response? "Oh, sometimes if you get the pump in too far the sensor doesn't work properly, but my manager's coming in soon and I'll ask him to look at it."

Okay, first of all, I have been pumping my own gas for 20 years or more, I *know* where the pump goes and how far is too far. Second of all, this is not the first, but the THIRD time I have come in to tell you about the issue with your pump. Each time you assure me that your "manager is coming in soon and will look at it." Since I only fill my tank once every few weeks or so, it's perfectly reasonable to believe that the pump had been fixed in that amount of time. Since that's obviously not happening, at the very least you have a responsibility to put a bag over the pump indicating that it's out of order so other people don't spill gas all over themselves, their vehicle, and the ground until the issue can be resolved.
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