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Casey's is lame apparently

I don't normally make these posts, but I'm pretty aggravated by this!

There's a Casey's up the street from my work, and I'm in there about 4-5 times a week. It's where I buy almost all of my fuel, I grab drinks and the odd snack when I can't afford the time to eat a real meal, stuff like that. A few of the cashiers know me by name, and I've never had a problem with them until tonight.

I was working late, so I grabbed a soda and a piece of cheesecake and dashed back to work. First of all, yeah...gas station cheesecake? Probably not the most intelligent decision I've ever made in my life. That's not the point though.

When I got back to my desk and opened it, I discovered that it was molded all the way through, and there was a sticker on the bottom of the package that proclaimed it to be expired two days ago. Totally gross. But I had a few minutes left on my 15, so I hopped back in the car and requested a refund.

The cashier informed me that she couldn't give me my money back, but that I could switch it out for another piece instead. I declined the replacement, because honestly? Not all that confident in Casey's food all of a sudden. Can't imagine why.

I again stated my desire to just get my $3 back. This time she told me that she couldn't give me a refund because ringing them out required a manager's code...and that there were no managers on duty at the time. I again stated that I wasn't going to accept another piece, and that I just wanted my cash back. This time she zipped into the back room and grabbed a co-worker, loudly exclaiming to him that he was going to have to complete my transaction, because "she wasn't going to let herself get in trouble for it."

I have three problems with this situation:

1) They sold me expired and rotting food.
2) The cashier flat out lied to me and told me that there was no possible way for them to give me a refund when there obviously was. Twice.
3) She was way more concerned with covering her own ass over a measly $3 than fixing a situation for a regular customer that had been wronged.

Neither one of them even apologized for it. I was made to feel like I was inconveniencing them, instead of the other way around.

Casey's, you're fucking lame!
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