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Sobey's suck

I went into Sobeys, a Canadian grocery store, last night because I was hankering after their sushi. I found said sushi (which isn't always that easy, but that's another suck!) and went to the counter to pay. The cashier takes one look at my sushi, squishes her face up into the moue of distaste (you know the one) and proceeds to harangue (there is no other word) me for even buy this most "disgusting" stuff. (Her word) I also get words like gross, yucky, and stupid Asian food. Then she moves on to the wasabi.

Now, all this happened so fast that I was just standing there with my mouth open as were the people standing behind me. Finally I replied, incredibly politely by the way, that she should be happy that I'm spending money in the store and it's really none of her business what I buy.

Did this shut her up? No! She was off again! By this time I was so disgusted at her comments that I put my money down, grabbed my sushi and just left.

Blah. I hate people who have to comment on what you are buying.
Tags: "greatest" cashier evar!, *grocer, customers shouldn't get what they want, psycho clerk, stupid racism, you gotta speak up
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