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T-Mobile... *sigh*

Below is the letter that I wrote to T-Mobile today after the issues that I've had. I'm really infuriated about the way I was treated on those phone conversations especially, with the implication that I was trying to lie my way out of paying for a damaged handset (when it should have been fully covered under warranty).

How would any of you handled this differently? While I was on the phone with that guy, he really got under my skin.

Hope this gets results. It goes in the mail tomorrow.

May 1, 2005
Reference: Account number #########
T-Mobile Customer Relations
PO Box 37380
Albuquerque, NM 87176-7380

Attention: Customer Relations Department
To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to you today regarding a series of experiences that has me very close to canceling my service with T-Mobile. Recently, I had a need to utilize the warranty plan on my phone. One evening when I connected it to the charger, it looked fine. Overnight, it was stored safely in its case and stored in a controlled climate, not exposed to heat, cold, or moisture. The next day, the screen had apparent damage that was really inexplicable. I assumed it was due to a manufacturing defect in the LCD screen, and was told it would be covered under warranty.

The warranty exchange process went very smoothly, and I would like to compliment your company on that. The people I spoke with answered all of my questions, explained the process very clearly, and I received my replacement unit and return shipping very promptly. The frustrating part of this experience began when I received my next bill (for month ending 3/26/05) and found that I had been charged at total of 73.50 for "Out-of-Warranty Repairs".

Upon calling customer service, I was advised that they found liquid damage to the phone, and that is why I was charged for it. Honestly, that is quite impossible, given that the phone was connected to the charger and the screen was protected by its case. The case was perfectly dry. If liquid had reached the phone, the protective case would also have been wet. Quite simply, no liquid was anywhere near the area.
The person I spoke to was very polite and advised she would send a form for this to be researched. She said I would be contacted in 72 hours. When I asked how I would be contacted, she took my email address and advised that I could be emailed.

After a week and a half, I heard nothing. So I decided to call again on Saturday, 4/23/05 to check on it myself. I was again advised that they researched it and found liquid damage. The person I spoke with could not explain why I was not contacted as per before, and said he could submit another research form, but that the results would be the same. He proceeded to explain to me in a very accusing manner that the phone was shipped back to T-Mobile with water damage and that I must have exposed it to water or moisture and there was no other way this could have happened.

Dissatisfied, I asked to speak to his supervisor. A man who identified himself no further than "Bill, Operator ID 122618," flatly refused to provide me with any additional assistance, and repeated the fact that it must have been me who exposed the phone to moisture. I advised Bill that I feel like I am being called a liar and that I am strongly considering canceling my service over this ordeal. I said that I want to speak to the people who are researching my phone, because I just want someone to explain to me how a phone can be damaged by moisture when it is not exposed to any. He told me that I could not speak to the department that researches the returned phones, and that they would write me a letter and send it via postal mail, which is completely contrary to what I was lead to believe by other representatives. (Additionally, at the time of this writing it has been nearly three weeks since I filed the original complaint, and I have not received the promised “written notice” that Bill described.)

He did not seem interested in this misinformation that I was given before, and so I insisted that my problem was not being resolved by Customer Service and I really did want to speak to someone who actually researches the phones so that they could better answer my questions about this supposed moisture issue. Bill at this point told me that he has my information right in front of him and if I ask for that again, he would disconnect the call! Having worked in a customer service call center before, I was pretty shocked that someone who claims to be a supervisor would threaten to hang up on a customer simply because they repeated a request that the supervisor didn't like or agree with.

I was extremely taken aback and didn't know what else to say, when Bill cut in to close then call. "Is there anything else I can help you with today?" I told Bill that I wanted to speak to his Supervisor or Manager or a Call Center Director. He refused. He also refused to tell me what call center he worked at, or give me any information more identifying than "Bill, ID 122618". He told me that my call would go no higher than him and be resolved at his level. I disagree. He did nothing to resolve my issue, explain the situation to me, or satisfy me as a customer. When I asked for the address to write a complaint, he told me I could go to the T-Mobile website and get it myself. Again, he asked if he could help me with anything else.

"No," I replied, "I plan to take this to a level higher than this, to find someone with more authority and0 who is willing to assist me." His sarcastic retort was, "Oh, sure, you do that!" "Thank you, I will. Have a great day, Bill." If I hadn't been an upset customer prior to speaking with Bill, I certainly was after I finished.

I really enjoy my T-Mobile Sidekick II. I think it is a great unit and the service that is offered for the phone is outstanding. However, it costs more than other providers, and I will not continue to pay a premium to be called a liar. While I love this phone, I have done some research and see that they sell very well on websites such as eBay and other third-party sites. If this issue is not resolved promptly and to my full satisfaction, I plan to sell the handset and use the proceeds to pay for my early-cancellation fee. Please contact me with suggestions on how this can be resolved. I will expect a timely response to my complaint – postmarked no later than ten (10) business days from receipt of this letter. After that point, I will register my grievance with your company as a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

Thank you very much for your time. I am eagerly awaiting a solution that will both meet your needs as a business and still allow you to retain me as a customer.

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