Sarah (dreadpiratekurt) wrote in bad_service,

VA Medical Center Fail

So, one fine day in spring of 2009, I woke up to the alarming phenomenon of sudden onset blindness in my right eye. It wasn't totally black, but had some heavy blur filters, a weird thing going on with colors being wrong and a general blue-gray smear that was impossible to see through.

After consulting Dr. ElJay, I headed over to the Cincinnati Veteran's Medical Center to sit for 9000 hours. I brought my laptop and popeye squinted so I could dick around on line. So, many guys with rancid coffee breath later...I was sitting and having my eyeball peered into for the gabillionith time.

DX: It looked weird. I couldn't see out of it. Other eye was fine. One guy thought it looks weird too. My eyes were not dilating in stereo. My right eye was all "bright light....whatev."

Final DX? Possible BLOT CLOT. IN MY BRAINULAR AREA. Have some Motrin. Come back for an MRI in two days.

I was exhausted, had a headache, knew I was surrounded by fail...and went home.

So my blood clot could pop and I could enjoy my aneurysm at home.

Only to freak out and call my mom...and MY DENTIST. Both had a cow. Brix were shat. My dentist knew a guy. So he called to know why wasn't this sailor admitted with a blood clot in her head. My mom made me call and demand to talk to the attending.

I did.

Dr. Attending was "WUT". He got my files, ask me a few questions and said "You do NOT have a blood clot. You sound like you have text book Optic Neuritis. Which is treatable and will not explode in your brain, but...

Aha, the "But" ..."but it's a big red flag for Multiple Sclerosis. Come on in for your MRI and we'll get this party started."

Actually, I was thrilled. No brain clot! It was a red flag not a dx, and did I mention NO BRAIN CLOT. Fail docs were gonna send me home to wait and try to sleep with a brain clot WUT. Ex-Navy Dentist was still irate and got me into the dental clinic so I could get my teeth finished with the good drugs (I was having a wisdom tooth extraction that had gone awry)- enlisted don't get dental care.

It took a year for them to DX Multiple Sclerosis, I didn't get a proper course of steroids and am still blind in my right eye, and they never bothered to check the results of my spinal tap, which had the whatzzitz that confirmed the dx. Just like the MRI result with it's two brain lesions. I was mailed Avonex and had to figure out how to give myself intramuscular injections from YouTube.

TL;DR - VA doc thinks my sudden blindess is a blood clot in my brain. Send me home with Ibuprophen
Tags: *medical/pharmacy, omfg
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