wickedkatze (wickedkatze) wrote in bad_service,

Less heinous than others, but...

All of these medical posts remind me of something that happened to my friend a couple of summers ago. (Not nearly as dramatic.) We were at dance camp, and in the middle of the week she mis-stepped during a square dance and injured her ankle. She was taken to the local hospital, who diagnosed a sprain, bandaged her up and sent her out with a pair of crutches, which she used on and off for the rest of the week; there were some times when she actually put weight on the foot, but most of the time she just sat.

We found out a few days later, after she'd gone home and followed up with her doctor there, that the ankle was not sprained but BROKEN. And it wasn't a minor fracture that could possibly have been missed on an x-ray, either.
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