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 I had a pair of antique shoes I took to a shoemaker to see if they could be made wearable. I knew that the leather was old, and it was a bit of a long shot as the shoes were slightly small on me, but I wanted to see if something could be done anyway.

Thing is, I asked the guy a very specific question (namely, can the shoes be made wearable), which did not warrant this answer:

"I can't do anything for them. Just throw them out, it's a waste!"

or this one:

"Seriously, get rid of them. Here, I'll chuck them for you."

or this one:

"There's a dumpster RIGHT OUTSIDE, throw them away!! Right there!!!! See? See it?"

I will fucking do with my shoes whatever I fucking want.  I don't need input, thanks a lot. Especially when after each time I just nodded, thanked him, and tried to take the shoes back.  There could be a million reasons I want to wear these shoes, okay? It's none of his business.

Also, I know the leather is rather brittle. He didn't need to freaking TEAR THE SHOE in order to demonstrate, aslkgj;alkjgd;salkgdj;sadg. 
Tags: uncaring service

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