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Laptop Fixing

So I finally decide to figure out how much I need to budget to fix my laptop. She's been dead since Windows 7 had a fail-at-life moment, and I had an ~approximate~ idea of what needed fixing, I just wanted to find out how much I'd be needing to put away, since I'm a full-time student at the moment with an income that barely covers my expenses. This becomes important later, so bear with me please!

I take my laptop to the computer shop my family have used previously for their desktop, and ask them for a quote. This happens on a Friday. I made sure to tell them a couple of times that I just wanted a quote, and was told they'd take a look at it, see what they could do and asked me what data I wanted retrieved if they needed to wipe the drive, as that would add to the end-price. I fill out a little form for what, (I was told) was so they knew whose laptop it was.

Monday rolls around and I get a call from the shop. I don't think this is strange, because most small businesses like this one tend to be closed all weekend.

The person on the other end of the phone tells me the laptop is fixed, and I owe them $120.00. Just to clarify, I'd asked for a quote, and they went ahead and did the work.

Once I had the quote, I'd originally planned to compare quotes with another place I'd been recommended by a mate, and from there budget to get the laptop fixed, since it wasn't so urgent, as we're coming up to the end of semester. I haven't the income to be able to pay $120.00 straight up.

I tell them I'd just wanted a quote, and not a repair. The guy seems surprised, so I sigh, and tell him that we must've got our wires crossed and that I'd be in the next day to sort it out.

Thankfully the manager apologised when I went in, and is cool with a part-payment system, or I wouldn't be able to get the laptop back, among payments on the ring and my bills!

Still though, with that kinda iffy service, I don't know that it'd be wise to go back to them...

TL;DR I ask for a quote, company does the work and charges me the money I can't afford straight up. Turns out well, as manager is awesome.
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