bellefior (bellefior) wrote in bad_service,

A Taxi Driver with Attitude...

Last night my husband and I went to see Phantom of the Opera. Rather than deciding to take our car downtown, we called a cab, especially since it was raining.

When I called the cab company , as soon as I gave the dispatcher my phone number, she said, "oh, you are calling from number 123 of such and such a street." I said yes, and told her where we were going--the Opera House. I told her we would be waiting downstairs in the lobby of our building. She didn't ask for my apartment number or name (which they usually do) and told me the cab would be there in 10 minutes. This fact becomes important in a little bit.

Cab from cab company pulls up in front of door. We go to get in, and the cabbie asks us what apartment number. I tell him she didn't ask for an apartment number but we are the ones who called for the cab to go to the Opera House. He says sorry, he's been called for a certain apartment. We go back inside, and he's telling the doorman he's got a cab for apartment 456. Well, we live in 456 and we tell the cabbie that. We go to get in the cab and he's like, "are you sure you live in 456, because if not, and I pick you up and the cab is for someone else, I could lose my job." I tell him again we are the ones who live in 456. He's like, "are you sure"? At this point I'm pissed so I say to him, "hey ask the doorman he'll tell you we are the ones in that apartment."

He goes in and I see him talking to the doorman for 5 minutes. My husband was this close to flagging another cab down on the street. He comes back. We get in and off we go.

From discussions with the cab driver, we figure out that he got the apartment number from the dispatcher when we gave her the phone number--we've used them before and are in a database so it came up on the computer screen, she didn't need to get it from us. He also tells me that sometimes people from our building call a cab, then flag another one down on the street that's passing by, then when the cab who has been called gets there, they are out the fare.

Now I can understand where he's coming from, but hey, when I tell you twice that I am the person who lives in apartment 456, and you still feel the need to check with the doorman, expect me to be a little upset! In fact, when I talked to the doorman when we got home, he told me the cabbie asked him 4 times if we really were the people in apartment 456! The doorman finally got so frustrated he ended up calling the cabbie and f-ing a-hole (what I really wanted to say except we didn't want to have to flag down/call another cab and cut our time to get to the Opera House really close!).

I should have taken down his cab number than called the dispatcher, but didn't. I have a feeling though, my husband took it out of his tip and while he did tip him, was not as generous as he usually is with cabbies.
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