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Bad service from Marketplace seller

On August 1st, I ordered a book from The Last Word Bookshop, a Marketplace seller on They had great feedback, and the book was described as being Like New with a note from the seller stating that it was in "excellent, unmarked condition with only very light wear."

The package arrived very quickly, but the book I received was nothing like what was advertised. The spine was horribly cracked, and there were numerous dog-eared pages throughout it. I contacted the seller and was told to send it back to them for a full refund. They also said that if I used USPS Media Mail, they would refund me for the return shipping costs as well.

I returned the book on August 9th. I checked the tracking number a week later and it said the package had been delivered to them, so I assumed that I would be receiving my refund soon. On September 5th, I realized I still hadn't gotten it, and contacted the seller again. The person who responded to my email said that "to the best of [his] knowledge, [they hadn't] yet received it" but promised to check with the rest of the staff. I never heard back from them on that one, even though I followed up by sending the Delivery Confirmation number that showed that it had been delivered to them.

I finally gave up trying and filed an A-to-Z Guarantee claim on October 6th. On October 7th, I received a wall o' text email from the seller explaining that they routinely refund for books that were returned to them, and despite the fact that I contacted them through to provide the tracking number for the package, the representative claimed he didn't recall hearing back from me with it.

On October 15th, decided in my favor on the claim and refunded me the full amount of the purchase. I left appropriate feedback for the seller, detailing the condition of the book and the trouble I went through to get the refund from them. I thought that would be that, but the seller followed up with this gem a couple days later: "Our customer service was superb. We immediately agreed to take the book back for a full refund plus shipping. She wasn't refunded simply because SHE NEVER RETURNED THE BOOK. She suggests she got it by filing an A-to-Z claim, but Amazon rejected her claim. They almost never take the buyer's side so that alone tells you how credible she is. We believe her description of the book is equally suspect."

I guess this must be one of those rare instances where took the buyer's side, then:

Tags: bookstore, false accusations, online store/subscription
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