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Bad Airline Service

So I flew back home after a holiday a few days ago and I have to say, I don't think I could recommend Malaysia Airlines. The flights were Perth - Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur - Narita, and back again so 4 flights in total. I figured, "hey, international flights, I can enjoy a few drinks to take the edge off because I'm a nervous flyer."

It was not to be.

The service on the first two flights wasn't excellent, I had trouble calling a flight attendant, it took ages to order and get a drink, and they refused to offer anything but beer/wine during the meal service. I can't really remember the specifics because it was more than two weeks ago now, but the second two flights are fresh in my mind.

On the most recent, KL-Perth, I pressed the flight attendant call button a little while after they had finished the ascent, as I did not want to interfere with all of their take-off procedures. I received no response until they reached me with the dinner service, some 50 minutes after takeoff and therefore a decent amount of time since I pressed the call button (I would say a half hour). Naturally, as in the first two flights, they said they couldn't provide anything but beer/wine during the meal service, but someone would assist me eventually.

After the meal service, I pressed the call button again and after 30 minutes, I needed to use the restroom. I admit that a call button with an empty seat does not exactly require attention, and I take it to be my fault that when I returned to my seat, they had turned my call light off. I pressed it again and a flight attendant arrived in about 15 minutes. I made the order, "could I please have a bourbon and diet cola?" but it was another 20 minutes or so before I received not what I ordered, but a plain diet cola (not even the whole can, just a half-full airplane cup). Rinse and repeat, I had to wait yet again for the flight attendants to respond to the call button so I could explain the mistake and order again, and then to bring the drink which did finally arrive.

Meanwhile I should add that they were serving the men in the seats adjacent to me beer after beer, perhaps irresponsibly as these men became intoxicated to the point that they were trying to start fights with other passengers and interrupting the landing by getting out of the seats.

This is compounded by my experience in the previous flight (Narita-KL) where I was sitting with a male travelling companion and the only time I could successfully get drinks was when he ordered for me. I don't like to make assumptions about sexism, but the flight attendants were predominantly female and it did seem like they were giving the men preferential treatment while making me feel like a nuisance rather than a valued passenger.

I've made a complaint to corporate which roughly recounts the above story.
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