nandexdame (nandexdame) wrote in bad_service,

Need some help with AT&T Internet

In August, I signed up for AT&T's DSL without home phone service. I got a contract so i could get their $19.99 promotional rate. Huge mistake. I am trying to find a place to complain to corporate but am having a nightmare.

Problems started when I didn't get any internet service on the date that it was supposed to be connected. When I called, the people tried to tell me that I placed my order on a different date than when I'd actually placed my order, so my service wouldn't be connected until the next day. Of course the next day there is still no service and no one could tell me why.

After a week, I finally got it turned on, but only after repeated calls and then hanging around an actual AT&T store until they figured out the problem.

The next problem was that they never charged me the promotional rate. Instead, I'm being charged $45, the normal rate. I call and call every month since August to ensure that I will be charged the $19.99. On my last month's bill, I was assured by the representative that I would be charged the correct amount for this month's bill. Got this month's bill in the mail and oh look it's still $45. Another problem was that a month ago I tried to get ATT to send me an online registration code for their account website to pay my bill online but never received anything in the mail.

I call today. For half an hour I'm bounced back and forth from billing to random other departments. The hold times are ridiculous too. One time I'm sent back to billing and before I can even explain the problem or give my account number, the man on the other end just gave me a number to call. I asked what that number was for, and he said quite rudely, "THAT'S A SPECIALIST FOR YOUR ACCOUNT. CALL IT." I asked again why I was directed there when someone had transferred me to billing. "THAT'S A SPECIALIST FOR YOUR ACCOUNT. CALL THE NUMBER."

Fine. I call the number. I have no idea what the department was but FINALLY the guy said that I should be charged $19.99 and that he would place a note on my account. He once again transferred me to billing and said that they should also be able to give me the online code. I am only hold for billing for 30 minutes before I give up and drive down to the actual brick and mortar store.

Wait 20 minutes in the store before I'm helped. The store person calls one of their numbers and is given the same crap about the promotional rate kicking in on the next bill. Then I ask about the code and the woman gives me a number. I thought at least I got one thing accomplished but then I get home to try it out, but it doesn't work. Then I realized why--the number she gave me were some random numbers from the end of my account number!

I am fed up with this. I was told the only place I could cal to complain was the same customer service number I've been calling. By the time I got home from AT&T store, they were conveniently closed. I don't know if there's a good mailing address I can send a complaint to. Any advice?

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