natta_valentine (natta_valentine) wrote in bad_service,

T-mobile BS

So my husband got a new contract with T-mobile about a month or so ago. Everything was going fine until suddenly "Homecare insurance" takes out £8.99 from his bank account. Now he's never heard of them so he phones them up and it turns out T-mobile took out a policy on his behalf. Right, so...

* He unticked the box on the application asking for insurance
* T-mobile never once let him know about this insurance, by sending him his policy or even an email
* But were quite happy to pass on his details to a third party company and telling them to set up a direct debit

And now supposedly there's nothing T-mobile can do and they advised him to simply stop paying it. Awesome service... *headdesk*
Tags: helpful comments, phone phun, phone service

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