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Bridal shoes are not for you!

I am in the wedding party for my very good friend L (who was my maid of honour) and have been busy helping her in any way possible for her upcoming wedding in January.

In June we went and tried on the shoes she had picked out for us. Way ahead of time? Maybe. But her older sister lives in the US and since she was in Australia at that time we were trying to get as much of the fittings done when she could also be there.

We went, we tried on the shoes, everything was pretty ok. I think the shoes are ugly, am I complaining? Not really. Were her sisters complaining about the height? Most definitely. L had picked a low heel, think kitten heel low, because her older sister S never ever wears heels and could barely walk in the low heel anyways and H is tall and towers over everyone to begin with. This is important. We paid deposits and went on our merry way. The store was ordering the shoes in because they didn't have the colour L wanted in at the time but could get them for us.

Around the last few days/first few between September and October L gets a call from the sales assistant at the bridal shoe store we'd ordered from.
Apparently, the shoe we had ordered back in June no longer existed in the lower heel. Oh, and it was now $x.xx amount more than what we originally were paying and in the higher heel it was slightly different in sizing so could everyone please come back to re-try the sizes in the higher heel?

Um, what?

I was next to L as she took this call, we were on a church camp at the time. She was getting politely furious with the girl.
L said that not all of us could re-try the shoe, because S was in America. The sales assistant didn't seem to understand this at all and kept insisting we all had to come in. L explained why we needed the lower heel, several times. S can't walk in them and H is way tall to begin with and doesn't wear higher heels because of this. L wanted the lower heel.

Well, she could have the heels cut down for $200 or so a pair if she really wanted, says the sales assistant.

L asked that the manager call her back between 3 & 5pm as that was the only time she was free that week. Being at camp, this was free time.

The manager did not call back between those hours, but L was able to take the call because she wasn't in an elective at the time. L told the manager that if they tried to make us pay more for the shoes or to get the heel cut down after their mistake, she would be taking this to the ombudsman.
Manager agrees to let us have the shoes at the original price, and the heels cut down for no extra.
Everything is dandy, right?

Not quite...
We went and tried on the shoes again this weekend and as L's mum was making the final payments the girl said that it'd be $y.yy for the heels to be cut down on the two pairs for L's sisters. L explained, again, that they would not be paying for that. Sales assistant said she'd have to speak to the manager about that first to which L nearly screamed that she already had. Several times! Sales assistant was the original L had spoken to and didn't make them pay more, but only after L started getting very cranky in her most polite manner.

The kicker? There were other ladies trying on shoes at the store when we were there and had received a very similar call to L about shoes no longer existing in the lower heel. They weren't happy either.

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