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Metro can't run trains on time... or keep elevators working

Dear Metro,

I understand there can be a wait for the elevator. It's the only one on this station and it's quite small. As I can't use the escalator or stairs I was prepared for this.

What I was not prepared for was finally getting in the elevator along with multiple parents with strollers and small children and then going up. And down. And up. And down. And up... you get the idea.

I don't know why the elevator would arrive at the concourse do a horrid little jump then descend again without the doors opening (or time for us to hit a button to open them). I don't know why the elevator was happy to stop on the 2 platforms.

I really don't know why when the passengers finally rang the elevator alarm the operator answered, said something quietly and hung up. When rang again he refused to answer at all. And once we finally did get out at the top by some miracle - the Metro worker dismissed the information that the elevator was malfunctioning with his claim of TOO MANY PEOPLE WERE PUSHING THE BUTTONS!

If I could have got out and caught a train round to another station I would have; however, I was stuck in the middle with nowhere to go.

I know Connex sucked but seriously you don't need to try outdo them now you've taken over.

No love,

The girl who already had an unreasonable fear of elevators

tl;dr Train station lift malfunctions. Alarm is ignored. Station staff blame the passengers.
Tags: lazy worker, public transit, uncaring service

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