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Oh, FFS Charter

This is a two-parter, involving Charter. Recent events with them caused me to remember the idiocy from before.

Moving. So my boyfriend and I upgraded from a one to a two bedroom apartment in our same complex/building and obviously wanted to transfer our cable/internet.

The first person I give all my info to pauses, asks me to hold. Ten minutes later, I give all my info again, told there was a problem with my info the first time (even though I gave the same info both times, WTF?) I set up a transfer, which takes a bit, as the guy keeps getting confused about my address. "No, I want your new address..." "The new address is almost the same, the only difference is the apt. #." "So the old one is...?" "No, that's the NEW one. The old one is..." Frustrating. Finally, I'm given a time range of 11-1 Thursday.

11 AM I'm chilling in the new apt, reading, waiting. Noon rolls around. 12:15, my phone rings. An automated message from Charter. "Your appointment range is 1:30 to 2:30 PM."

Okay, that's almost an hour an a half I've wasted on my ass when I could have been cleaning the old apartment, it's nice they have me pick a time and then change it without explanation. So I go clean, come back at promptly 1:30. And wait. And wait.

At 2:40 I call Charter and calmly explain (despite being uber-pissed inside) that I scheduled an appointment from 11-1, I was informed it moved from 1:30-2:30, and it is now 2:40 and I'm wondering where my tech could be. I am put on hold for 13 minutes (I ranted on my twitter about it), and finally am told a tech will be there in five.

3 PM and hooray! The tech arrives. He is surly, whines about his previous job taking a lot of time, and takes a personal call from his wife while he is there. So, not professional, but he gets the job finally done.

Everything is transferred and working perfectly. But I am unemployed, and my boyfriend had a lot of sudden expenses come up, so we decide that no really, this time we HAVE to get rid of the cable. I call Charter to explain this. Their billing cycle ends around the 21st of the month, if I remember right. I explain I want to cancel my cable, but keep the internet.

Wake up yesterday and the cable's gone. Yay! So is the internet. Boo!

I call. First I am made to refresh my modem, even though I've tried that several times. After that doesn't work, I'm told that it is due to an unpaid/past due bill. No, I paid by phone a couple days ago, I have the confirmation # (and it was past the 48 hours they say it may take to update your account.) I remember because I had to pay the extra $20 transfer fee. The guy can't find anything, so I am put on hold for a supervisor/higher up. I verify all my info again.

Me: So I called about a week ago to cancel my cable but keep my internet, and today the cable's gone but so is the internet, so I'm wondering what's going, if there's something I need to do or you need to do or what?
Charter Man: Let me see...actually, when you called you canceled all your services with us.
ME (shocked): No, I canceled the cable. I verified it with the rep like three times to make sure I'd still have the internet.
CM: We have you down as canceling all services. Your equipment is due back..."
Me: No, I want to keep my internet. I was told if I kept my internet it would be $XX.xx a month.
CM: Do you want us to reconnect you? There would be a reconnect fee of $XX.xx.
Me: I am not going to pay a reconnect fee because it shouldn't have been disconnected in the first place. I requested my cable be turned off but not my internet.
CM: Please hold.

Trying not to scream, I wait. Finally he comes back.
CM: Alright ma'am, just this once we are going to waive the reconnect fee, and get you back online. But in the future, you need to make sure you are clear with what you want.
Me: Fine, whatever.

And I am reconnected, after leaving a very poor rating on the "Customer Service Satisfaction" survey. For God's sake, I am not an idiot, why must you argue with me about what I do and do not want shut off!?

Starting Monday, we will be checking out AT&T etc. for their internet rates. Because at this point Charter can just kiss the fattest part of my ass.
Tags: cable, comcast is crap, customers shouldn't get what they want, internet provider
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