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First timer :)

Hey guys, I'm new. YAY ME.

Cut for your consideration ;)

So, last night is when I expierienced my first taste of bad service. I have avioded it for almost 21 years but now *sigh* I have been exposed.

Last night me and two of my friends went out to eat at a resturant called FOLKS. If you live in the Southern you know that FOLKS is one of the bext damn resturants around (at least to me, I LOVE SOUTHERN FOOD).

I usually go here all the time and get GREAT service and even better food (I <3 Fried Green Tomatoes (SP?)

So, anyway, we decide to go out to dinner at 9pm. MIND YOU, I knew that they closed at 10 and didn't want to stay there past then (I know they don't like that..) so I said "Lets leave now" and I left wearing sophies (like..cheerleading shorts) and a wifebeater (I had a jacket on) and if you know me usually I need like 14 million hours to get ready, but I was hungry and wanted to be considerate of the people working there.

We get there around 10 after and the place is not full at all. There's one big party, and like 4 small tables (two people each).

So, we get seated in a booth and wait for the waiter/tress. We are laughing and having a fun time when..10 minutes goes by. Mind you, there are at LEAST 5 people walking RIGHT PAST US and they can clearly see we don't have ANYTHING to drink.

My friend raises her hand, and we laugh. We ARENT loud at all, if that is what you are thinking, just giggling between us, but making enough noise/movements for SOMEONE to notice us. Did they? No.

So 5 minutes after that, a waitress comes over and apologizes so I'm like..ok whatever and we order our drinks and apatizer (FRIED GREEN TOMATOES!!) so TEN MORE minutes pass and we have no drinks..but here come our HOT food. Now, I really can't eat hot food without a drink. Call me prissy or whatever, but I just can't.

A few minutes later she comes with our drinks. She messed up my friends (she wanted coke with no ice because she has VERY sensitive teeth) and the waitress said she was sorry but my friend didn't care because she was VERY thirsty.

So, we eat our apatizer within like 5 seconds. Within this time, there is a small lady over in the corner who was trying to change her ringtone. IT WAS VERY LOUD. Everyone turned to look at her but she didn't stop. The waiters just walked around like nothing was wrong. Good job. She finally stopped after like 5 minutes and 3 customers saying something to her (and my friend saying "shut that shit off"..haha it was so funny)

The waitress brings our food..I look it over and somethings missing. I ordered the Country Fried Steak and it comes with two sides, I got fries and coleslaw. My coleslaw is missing. I was about to say something when she said "it's comming right out" So we eat our food and TWENTY MINUTES later she comes back with our checks (we got it seperate, but we told her that before the meal) and was like "want your coleslaw in a box to go?" I'm like WTF? NO. I wanted it with my meal, I'm finished with my meal now. I ask if I can have it docked off my check and she says "'s part of a meal.." I'm all pissy and make this face. She offers me a piece of cake and I'm like "Ok." She obviously knows chocolate cake is my enemy.

She gives me it and then leaves. We pay for our food, but my friends REFUSE to tip her (except for my friend who added 74 cents to make it an even 16 dollars) but I felt bad so I left 6 dollars.

I understand that we came like an hour before close and they wanted to go home, but I was really pissed when I left there. I don't think I will ever go to THAT Folks again.

Well, there it is :) My first bad_service story.
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