zoram (zoram) wrote in bad_service,

Mmm, french fries

This didn't happen to me, but it happened to my brother when I was home. He and his friends had ordered some pizza and hamburgers from a place called Pizza Express, which they used to do pretty often.

First, the food was about thirty minutes late, but everything arrived eventually.

They start eating, and one of the guys find that his fries are very cold. He eats for a while before looking more closely at his food (they were watching a movie in the dark) and finds a lot of hair in it.
Not just hair, though. Hair, dirt and small rocks. Turns out the delivery man had dropped his fries on his way there, and just picked them up from the ground again.

They called the owner, and were NOT given their money back. Instead, they got 50:- credit. Like any of them were ever going to eat there again!
Tags: delivering bad service

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