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Tell them Big Martha sent ya

So, I’m stuck at work and decide that I’m going to order Moe’s for dinner. I call and verify that they deliver and order a Close Talker (basically, a taco salad) and a side of rice. I’ve never had the Close Talker before, but the website shows it coming in one of the taco bowls. I decide that even if it doesn’t, at least I have a bagful of chips to eat it with. I ask for no olives on the salad. They don’t give me a delivery time but I figure that it can’t be too long, considering that I’m just down the road.


An hour later, I get a call from a guy at Moe’s. This guy also turns out to be delivery guy (he called from the same number both while at Moe’s and on the road).

ME: oh hai

DG: Delivery Guy


DG: So, what’s the address?

ME: *gives address again*

DG: And where is that?

ME: *gives directions down the street*

DG: So…you just wanted a bowl of rice?

ME: No, I ordered the Close Talker and a bowl of rice.

DG: Yeah, I meant with it. We’re cooking it now and I’ll bring it over soon.


Okay, I understand if they are busy, but it’s been an hour and they are just now cooking the food? So another twenty minutes go by and I get another call from the guy, once again asking where I am. Literally, both Moe’s and my work’s addresses are on the same street. I once again give directions. I go outside to meet the driver so that I can flag him down. I sign the CC slip and he hands me food and takes off. I go inside and immediately check the food. The salad has been tipped to one side (it’s not in a taco bowl) and there are no chips.


I call back DG, whose number is still under my last two recent calls.


ME: Hi. Sorry to be a pain, but you just delivered to me and there are no chips with my order.

DG: *long pause* Well, I guess I could go back and get some but it would take a really long time.


Well, at this point I’m really hungry and I don’t want to wait another hour to get chips and I don’t think I’ll be that interested in the chips once I finish with the salad.


ME: Then I guess don’t bother.

DG: Okay, bye.


No apology. Nothing.


I examine the salad more closely and find it covered in olives. And there’s an extra bowl of beans in the bag. I call the store and ask if I’ve been charged for the bowl of beans I didn’t order since there is no receipt in the bag that I can check. The lady that answers says I haven’t been, she just didn’t know if I wanted them on the salad or not. I told her my issues and she offers me “something free” next time I go there. I’m a little wary of this, since apparently I’m just supposed to give her name and say she said I could get something for free. I predict that presenting problems.

EDIT: Free chips and salsa comes with every meal. It's not something you have to ask for. And I forgot to mention that when I first called to order, I was told to hold and handed off to a different person, then as I started my order, once again told to hold and handed off to yet someone else. 

Tags: customers shouldn't get what they want, delivering bad service
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