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Minor bad lawyer service

Debbie (or She-Who-Will-Not-Return-Calls)-

Yes I know the going rate for initial consultations in our area is between 90-200 dollars, and yes, I'm aware by utilizing the Oregon Bar Referral service, I get a nice discount at 35 dollars. I am aware this magically makes me less of a priority in your eyes, judging by your behavior.

However, that does not mean I appreciate you ignoring me for a week. I've called you three times in five days, learn to return a bloody message. Call backs are important in your business, you're dealing with people usually at one of the worst times of their lives (being that they're either grieving, in jail or suing someone, all of which are times of high stress and emotions).

I don't even work for a living and can call someone back when it's this important, learn how to do it.

(Upside, I finally got a hold of her...though she never did bother to call me back any of those days...let's hope when I see them tomorrow they don't magically lose my appointment).
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