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A few medical-related posts reminded me of this one.

Two sucks related to donating  blood!

The first one is minor:

When I first started donating blood, I lived in City A, which was visited by a mobile clinic.  When ever the mobile clinic was around, they gave me a call.  I then moved to City B.  The first time they called, asking me if I wanted to donate in City A, I told them I was now living in City B and asked if they could add that to my file.  City B has a permanent clinic.  I verified the address of the clinic and they supposedly changed it on my file.  The next two times they called, they asked me if I wanted to donate in City A.  Both times they changed the information.  They finally got it right on the fourth phone call.

And now on to the larger, more inconvienent suck:

I got a piercing on November 8th.  Blood services called me on November 20th, asking me if I could make a donation.  I informed them that I had recently got a piercing.  They asked me the date that I had gotten it (I told them November 8th), and they made a note on my file saying that I could not make a donation for 6 months.

Around May14th they called, asking me if I wanted to schedule an appointment in City B.  I said yes and they made me an appointment on a Tuesday afternoon.  On Tuesday, I drank my weight in liquids, hopped on the bus and headed over to the clinic.  I noticed that there were no cars in the parking lot.  Luckily, the clinic was open.  I was greeted by two nurses who informed me that the clinic wasn't open that day.  I told them I made an appointment on the phone and they went on the computer to check it out.  Apparently, they scheduled me to donate in City C (which is 5 hours away, wtf?) and made a note on my file that I did not show up.  The nurses asked me if I would like to make another appointment, so I scheduled an appointment for May 20th.  Then I walked 40 minutes back to campus because I was not waiting 2 hours for the bus to pick me up.

On May 20th, I drank my weight in liquids, and caught the bus to the clinic.  I filled out all of the paperwork, got my finger pricked, and then had the interview with a nurse.  The nurse looked at my paperwork and said I was unable to donate.  I asked why.  On my file, there was a note saying that I was unable to donate until May 21st.  Remember when I told the employee that I received a piercing on November 8th?  Instead of noting the date I got pierced, she noted the date I called.  And nobody picked up on it until then. The nurse said that it would take a lot of extra paperwork to override what was on my file and asked if I could come back the next day.

So I drank my weight in water and was finally able to donate the next day.

Also, the last time I went through the drive-thru at McDonalds, there was nothing (no lettuce, no cheese, no sauce, no nothing) between the first and second bun on my meatless Big Mac.  Wtf?  And if I have one more employee make a comment about how weird my order is, I'm going to tell them that they're rude for making such a comment.  If this were five years ago and I was ordering a veggie burger, I doubt they'd be saying it was weird for me to order that.  I worked in fast food for 5 years and would never dream of calling a customer's order weird or go "I NEVER heard of someone ordering THAT before".  If the customer comments on how weird their order is, no matter how weird it is, I tell them that they're wrong.
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