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Clearly the world doesn't want me to have a pillow

So I posted here a couple of weeks ago over a missing parcel and this is a semi-followup to this.

The parcel in question contained a pillow, and I wanted to replace it so I looked online and found a website selling it for a reasonable price listing the pillow as 'in stock' so I went ahead and ordered it. This was on the 27th of September.

The next day I find I have a voicemail message, and it's from the pillow site telling be that there has been a delay with their supplier and they won't get more stock until "the week commencing the 4th" (i.e.: the week after I ordered it). Since I distinctly remembered their website marking it as 'in stock' I checked, and low and behold it still claimed to be in stock. Clearly their definition of in stock isn't the same as my (or the dictionary's) definition. I didn't really want to go in search of another website to buy it from, so I (perhaps ill-advisedly) just decided I'd just wait until they got their stock in.

The next week came and went, with no further news on the pillow. At this point I was ready to just cancel it, but I had two presentations to prepare and didn't have the time to ring them up until yesterday, when they ring me up instead to say it has been dispatched (finally) and would arrive the next day.

Well the mail arrived today, and there was no sign of a parcel notification for me. Then this afternoon my mother phoned me to say a large parcel for me had arrived from a bedding company. At my billing address instead of my shipping address (which is half way across the UK from where I'm currently living).

I rang them up and they tell me that they accidentally missed the shipping address. The woman I spoke to was fortunately polite, apologised and arranged for the pillow to be couriered from my parents' house tomorrow and should hopefully arrive on Monday (providing nothing else goes wrong, which wouldn't surprise me at this point). I'm glad that they're rectifying their mistake without giving me any further trouble, but after waiting what will be about three weeks to receive my supposedly in stock pillow (and having already dealt with bad service over my original pillow) I'm pretty fed up.
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