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WTF courier service

I'm now in the UK~ huzzah.

On monday night, the minor cosmetic damage to the case of my laptop became severe hinge damage (I didn't do anything to it, but I'd had this problem before, the minor cracking was probably a sign it was coming apart underneath so when I opened the lid it finished breaking). Tuesday I call tech support, they say it's under warrenty, they'll send someone to pick it up Thursday. The connection on my cell was bad, so I wasn't sure if I was expecting a person or a box to package it in or what, but I was pretty sure he said Thursday because he went over the whole timeline for me. 

Wednesday, while I'm in class (12:35pm), I get the following message on my phone, in its entirety:

"Hey it's DHL, I'm [unintelligible] your laptop, I'll call the reception see if they can contact you, aight thanks bye"

(I've listened to the message several times now, but the guy spoke rapidly in a heavy accent and I'm still getting used to the accents around here, so part of it's totally unintelligible to me, that bit's not his fault. Best I can tell it was probably along the lines of "here to collect")

No further messages by the time I was able to check it at 6pm. I went down to the reception - they had no idea what was going on and said I needed to call DHL back and schedule a different pickup time, at which point they'd be able to call and I could go down and bring the laptop to them so I didn't have to let them through the security gates at my dorm. I go back to my voicemail and press "return this call" - only to get an error that I can't do that. 

So. Apparently. I'm supposed to psychically have known to cut class and be home at noon on a Wednesday and have now missed my chance because I have no way to call him back?

I was hoping he'll call back at the same time today, honestly, and cancelled some plans to sit here waiting, but it's already 2pm and so far no word. 
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