Jen (my_name_is_jenn) wrote in bad_service,

I lost my wallet four months ago after a shopping trip to our local Giant grocery store. I realized I didn't have it with me when I went home, so I drove back to the store. Checked my cart, checked with the cashier, and checked with customer service. No luck. I immediately canceled all my credit/debit cards and got a new drivers license. I just assumed that it had been stolen. I even called a few days later and was told that nobody had turned in a wallet.

So I was very surprised to find a small package on my front porch when I got home today. Inside the brown padded envelope was my wallet. No note or anything. Just my wallet. Okay, not terrible service. I don't know why it took 4 months to get to me, but at least I have it back and have all my store membership cards that I never was able to find time to replace.

What really bothers me is that when I was going through my wallet, I found two credit cards that do not belong to me. I have never heard of these people and I have no idea what their cards are doing in my wallet. Seriously, Giant? Did someone just go through their lost and found, see a wallet and a couple of random credit cards, and decide it was a good idea to put those credit cards into the wallet?

Edited to add: my wallet zips closed, so this wasn't an issue of the cards just wedging themselves in when everything was in a lost and found box or something.
Tags: "i know this isn't really bad service", *bad service turned good then bad again, a wave of understanding, credit cards, fyi: tags =/= wank, i'm on a boat!, possible bad service?
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