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I have been SUFFERING from Kidney stones for over 2 months now. My Urologist is nice, but as long as the KS are under 6mm he won't do anything to help me pass them, over than pain pills and other meds. Keep in mind I've passed FIVE so far.

I've gone to my local hospital in Dallas, Texas, 7 times since August 8th, along with weekly visits to the doctor.

On September 20th, I was told the pain I was having was just an infection and "You don't have any more kidney stones." Literally, that's what they said. The urologist said "It looks like you're good to go. Finish the meds then call this number for a 24-hour urine test." Sounds, good, right?

Monday, September 27th I went to bed at 8PM. I wake up at 9:30PM crying hysterically in my sleep from the pain. I KNEW it was a KS. So I manage to throw on a dress and my husband rushes me to the ER.

I get there, and he drops me at the entrance, while he runs inside to ask for a wheel chair. The hospital is 2 miles from our apt, and 1.5 of that is the Interstate. I puked three times in the car.

The police offers says they can't give me a wheelchair because the ramp is messed up and no one can use it.


So my husband tries to carry me, he has a metal plates in his ankle so it hurts him to, and I'm sobbing, and gagging and crying like mad. It hurts worse than the first stone, which I took an ambulance to the hospital for.

Luckily the door isn't too far down the hall, he lets me fall to the floor, because sitting and pulling my knees to my chest is the most comfortable position. He makes sure I'm out of the way, and fills out the form. At this point it's the 6th time I've been there in about 6 weeks.

He gives them the paper, they recognized us, and said it'd be just a few minutes. I'm in the corner, rocking, crying gagging, coughing from gagging, and I puked twice more. The minutes go by. As I sit there, this little kid, probably 4 and his friend/sibling are running around and playing. I ignore them as best I can. I'm the oldest of nine kids, and I teach Sunday school to kindergartners, so I know when and how to ignore noises.

They keep running really close to me, so my husband asks the adults with them if the can try to make sure they don't bother me. They say ok. But don't say anything to the kids. About 2 minutes later, almost 15 minutes at the ER at this point, I'm puking, again, into the handy little blue bag they have for you. As I lean into the bag, one of the kids stop to stare at me, then his friend/sibling, runs into him, falls backwards, and the kid falls to the left, SLAMMING into me. Luckily I was done puking for a minute, but unluckily I still got puke on myself. The pain from the kid falling onto my left side, where I was hurting, causes me to scream. Loudly.

The parents were really awesome, and ran right over and kept apologizing, and I managed to tell them it was fine, accidents happen, I'm just in a lot of pain. They take the kids back with them, and they all sit down. Joey gets up, and the nurse says I'm next. (A family came in with a 2 week old infant with a temperature of 101.5, so I can understand getting pushed back. Fevers in newborns in serious. business. Sadly they were in the room next to me, and I could hear them telling the parents they were having to transfer the child. And do a lumbar tap. :( )

About 2 minutes after this happens, the nurse says my name. I start to stand up, sorta since I'm hunched, and she grabs me a wheelchair, and my husband explains why we don't have one. As she does this, the police officer from earlier comes into the room and tells me:

"Ma'am, if I hear ONE MORE outburst from you, I'm kicking you out!"

I almost flipped my shit, and managed to NOT scream and said to him "Do you think I enjoy embarrassing myself by coming to the ER like this? Vomiting everywhere, feeling like shit, and in so much pain I want to fucking die?"

That is LITERALLY what he said to me, and what I said back. Luckily, the nurse sees, since she's pulling the wheelchair over to get me checked in, and says "This young woman has been here six times now  in six weeks. Why didn't you give her a wheelchair?" She's saying this as she's helping me up. He just says something about the ramp and stomps off.

Yes, I complained to the hospital, once I was drugged up. And yes, they aplogized, but for one, it was the 'first' outburst from me. Unless he counted my husband asking for a wheelchair? And two, it's a damn hospital.

Oh, and the kidney stones I didn't have anymore? Totally did. The physician was pissed because he said I still had some, they just weren't traveling and you can have them for weeks, even decades (his words not mine) and they don't really hurt unless they move. And I wasn't just passing ANOTHER stone, but two.

tldr: police officer at the hospital doesn't like to give out wheelchairs, or having people scream from pain.

Edit: I decided against my city name since I mentioned where my sister works in the comments.

Edit: I'd also like to point out, the ramp was outside. The outside has about 4 steps UP to get inside, then I could have been wheeled into the ER. Also, the ER has a video game system, and a small room attached that has toys for kids. I think the room used to be where the police would watch, kind of like Baylor Grapevine.

I am taking different diet options to try to help. Haven't changed meds or anything in over a year, so they don't think that's it. So I just wanted to thank you all for your advice and stories. :) My sister's were from vitamins and what-not she was taking when she was trying to get pregnant. Luckily, she hasn't had anymore.

Even though people know KS hurt from what they've heard, unless they've had one they act like I'm being over dramatic. Apparently I have about 4 in my left kidney, and 5 in my right. They're all about 2-3mm though. =/ The ER and urologist have all been surprised I haven't passed them before.
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