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My mother and I went through the drive-thru at Arby's a few days ago, to grab lunch for me and dessert for my parents. I decided I wanted a regular roast beef sandwich and a strawberry milkshake, and then I saw their new onion rings on the drive-thru menu and decided I'd try those as well. I usually like Arby's, and that location in particular usually gives good service. There's a worker there who sortof knows my mom, and always calls her "honey" and "baby" (we're in the South, so that's not as creepy as it sounds, haha..).

Unfortunately that woman was not there, and her evil counterpart took our order. Her fail wasn't immediately obvious, though her "welcome to Arby's" spiel was rushed and lackluster. Whatever, I know sometimes you've been working all day and you're just sick of it. I'm lucky enough to be good at not letting that show, but some people aren't. I get it. However, the rest of the exchange was just....ugh.

Mom: Hi, we'll have a regular roast beef sandwich, onion rings, a small strawberry milkshake and three chocolate turnovers.
Worker: Okay a beef and cheddar, onion rings, a strawberry banana split milkshake and three chocolate turnovers anything else?
Mom: ....Nothing else, but the order is wrong. We wanted a regular roast beef, not a beef and cheddar. And then the milkshake was just supposed to be strawberry.
Worker: -sounding slightly exasperated- Okay, um, we don't have strawberry milkshakes. We have the strawberry banana ones but not strawberry.
(At this point I tell my mom I'll have a Jamocha shake instead)
Mom: Alright, do you still have the Jamocha shake?
Worker: Yeah, we do.
Mom: Okay, then a small Jamocha shake.
Worker: Okay so a regular roast beef sandwich, curly fries, a small Jamocha shake and three chocolate turnovers your total is $xx.xx please pull around.
Mom: .....-sigh- It's still wrong, we wanted onion rings, not curly fries.
Worker: You WANTED curly fries?
Mom: No, we didn't order curly fries and we don't want any, we ordered onion rings.
Worker: Okay, yeah, we don't have any curly fries on your order.

By this point her tone of voice was so rude that I was actually uncomfortable. We pulled around and she took our money and told us it would be few minutes. Okay cool, it usually is, and that means fresh food. A minute later, she opened the window and said "MA'AM, pull up to the red rail, your food will be out in a few minutes." The way she said it made it sound like she was having to repeat her instructions, but that was the first time she mentioned pulling up to the rail.

I was already on the phone taking the customer satisfaction survey by the time she brought the food out. She walked up to the car, thrust the bags in the window right in my mother's face, and kept walking. As she opened the door to go back inside, she said "Have a blessed day." My mother, a pretty religious woman, said she almost yelled "Are you kidding me?! You treat me like you did and then say that? You're gonna end up struck by lightning!" Lol Mom, calm down.

When the survey got to the point that it asked you to leave a message about why you were dissatisfied, I handed my mom the phone and she...expressed her displeasure. She chose not to ask them to contact her though, but she told me she may mention it to the lady she knows.

I sortof want to actually send in a complaint, but I might just try and forget about it. Hopefully that was just a fluke, and next time the service will be back to normal.
Tags: "greatest" cashier evar!, *fast food, customers shouldn't get what they want
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