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I was in Florida on vacation the past week and one day my boyfriend and I stopped at a cafe for a late lunch. We had been looking for some place to eat for a while and this was the first one that didn't have a half an hour wait for a table. We went up to the line and looked at the menu, which only had a few items on display. It said "AND MORE" below everything, which I thought was weird but I figured they must have paper menus up front or something. We were both REALLY hungry, so we didn't feel like waiting very long to figure out what we wanted. The items on the menu were all things I don't really eat (I don't eat beef or pork), except for a deluxe chicken sandwich.

When we got to the front of the line my boyfriend ordered a cheeseburger and I asked what came on the deluxe chicken sandwich. The woman informed me that it had ham on it. I said "Oh, thanks. Do you have any grilled cheese?" I figured this was a valid question, since the menu was only showing five or six things and it said plainly AND MORE.

"No," she said, "but I could maybe see about getting one made special." I was really hungry and not able to wait for her to talk to someone, so I started to say "No thanks" but she walked off and brought a man over. I told her politely that it wasn't necessary, especially because the guy looked super puzzled about what she was saying to him.

My boyfriend saw someone ordering fish and chips next to us and he told me about it right then. That sounded good to me so I said "Thanks, but I'll just have fish and chips."

That's when this woman turned from polite and helpful to extremely rude. She turned to me and said "No, we can make the grilled cheese but it might take a little longer." I told her that I wanted the fish and chips, and that I hadn't known they served them and now that I knew about it, that was what I wanted. "But we can make the grilled cheese," she said. "It will take an extra ten minutes." I told her that I had just wanted to clarify their menu and now I had found something that they usually make that I wanted. "But the grilled cheese"- she interrupted me, and I told her "No thank you, fish and chips please."

"This lady keeps changing her mind every second," she said to the man. She then looked at me and said "I thought you were a vegetarian." I answered, "I'm not, I just don't like certain types of meat. I'm really hungry, I just want the fish and chips, thanks. I don't want to wait extra time." I was very polite about this, even though she was being rude and had no business asking me about my personal diet.

"Alright, fine," and she literally SLAMMED the button on the keyboard. She then asked me if I was from New York City, and I said "No, why?" And she said, "Just a feeling." She was scowling.

WOW. If your menu says "And more" and doesn't elaborate on this, then you probably are going to have to field a few questions about what the menu actually entails.
Tags: "greatest" cashier evar!, *restaurant, customers shouldn't get what they want, lamb is my favorite vegetable, om nom nom, see what happens when you speak up, tagger tags with love
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