Yam (fear_lurks) wrote in bad_service,

I was appalled at the service I got from a Veolia Transport driver yesterday afternoon.

I'm currently on crutches as I'm healing after injuring my knee and receiving surgery, and decide

I head back from Cronulla to Hurstville on the bus. I give the driver my MyMulti Zone 2 ticket. This is valid to travel by bus from Cronulla, but not the train. The driver wordlessly gives back my ticket and I take my seat near the front of the bus. I sit there quietly, fiddling with my phone and listening to my Ipod. There was only one other passenger on the bus, a guy who got on around Caringbah and got off in Sylvania. Once he got off at Sylvania, the bus was empty and the driver turns around to me.

"Where are you going?" he asks.

I reply- "Hurstville". Which is the terminus.

Then the driver asks to see my ticket. Once again I show him my MyMulti ticket. It's a yearly ticket that expires on the 17th of April next year. It's a full-priced adult ticket which allows me to ride the bus as much as I like, as well as most train and ferry services. So I had over the ticket, not expecting problems.

The driver goes off at me. He mentions that I'm trying to get around the restrictions on train travel to Cronulla. After this he starts to tell me off for using my ticket. He tells me that I can't 'ride the bus all day.' I told him that I hadn't been riding the bus all day, the only bus I'd used was this route- a return trip on the bus.

I was starting to get worried at this point. I was worried he'd dump me off the bus in the middle of nowhere and I wouldn't be able to walk anywhere, and he was making me feel very uncomfortable. Luckily I knew where I was, so I asked to be let off the bus at the next stop. I got off, made a complaint to the 131500 transport infoline, where I left my details, and told them what time the bus departed Cronulla. It was only a few minutes later that the next bus pulled up. I showed my ticket to that driver, asked if it was valid to ride from Cronulla. He said it was, and I told him the last driver didn't seem to agree.

Quite possibly my worst bus trip ever.
Tags: bizzaro, psycho clerk, public transit
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