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Wednesday we had my grandmother's funeral, and afterword we all went to a restaurant on the main drag in Oyster Bay, New York.

We called ahead, and asked if a reservation for 25 could be made, not an issue, hell they sounded down right ecstatic to have a large party in between lunch and dinner.

Sure enough, we all got there, and the place was quiet. There were only two people sitting at the bar.

The first thing the waitress/hostess says after seeing all of us roll up in our black clothes and somber state is "What, are you coming from a funeral, or something?".

Yes, yes we are, actually. Thanks.

Anyway, she sat us in a small banquet room in back, there were three tables. One that was a large table, a rectangular table and a round table pulled together, a medium rectangular table, and a small round table. She made a point to tell us that we couldn't sit at the small round table shoved into the corner, though I doubt anyone else would want to use it anyway. Fine, we'll cram our asses onto these tables.

She then brought out three menus for each table. Yeah, 6 menus for 25 people. And then disappeared for 15 minutes without even taking a drink order.

She finally came back for drink orders and I ordered a plain Coke and a Jack and Coke, she repeated it back, and then only brought me back the Jack and Coke, I waited, I mean this was a large party (there were two of them working with us, but she's just the one I saw the most of and had the issue with), but 10 minutes went by and I never got my Coke, so I asked her again and she copped an attitude "I'm working on it". Fine.

We were being polite, and quiet, after all we just came from burying a family member. We weren't running her ragged or anything.

My brother's girlfriend and her friend decided to split a chicken Caesar salad with extra croutons. I didn't know croutons were such a big deal. Color me shocked. The waitress gave the girls attitude when they asked for extra croutons. I ordered a crab cake burger that came out burned, but at this point I was too tired, and a little buzzed to care.

The waitress then demanded my 20 year old brother's ID and when he couldn't produce it (it was left in the car) she threatened to throw him out. He wasn't drinking or anything, and this place was not exclusively a bar.

Later I asked her where the bathroom was, she pointed, "RIGHT THERE. Under the giant BATHROOM sign!" There was no giant bathroom sign, there was one of those 4x6 plastic plaques above the door with a little man and woman on them.

Now, we're talking about $20 a meal here (off a lunch menu), plus people are drinking. The tab came to $900, so she and the other girl got about a $100 tip each(ON TOP of the 10% added to the bill), and there was no secret that they would stand to make a damn good tip out of this, we called ahead to make sure they had the room and the staff to accommodate us. Plus, she KNEW that we were coming from a goddamn funeral, so it would have been nice if she could have just done her job without the attitude.
Tags: *restaurant, deaf waiter, maybe they were zombies, uncaring service
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