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First Time poster.

Around the 10th of August of this my SO and I ordered from QVC we received our order in a fair amount of time, it was when we decided it was not for us when the trouble began. 

I called and asked for a return label and was told it would be 5 to 7 business days for the label to be sent to us, not a problem and we were assured that the second easy pay payment would not be taken out of our account so we need not worry about that and as soon as the product was returned our first payment would be credit to our account.

Fast forward to the middle of September no label we call back and they tell oh we can just email it to you label went out on such and such a day, we explain we have not received it in the last two weeks I have spoken to no less that 5 different agent ( i made sure to get all the names so they couldn't deny it , which they did try to do) all who assured us they knew the package was being returned and that the money would not be taken out of our account.

This is where the bad service begins. The package had a USPS tracking number on it so we were able to keep track of where it was on Monday of this week it finally arrived to the QVC warehouse and monday evening they took the second payment out of our account, which because we had been assured that the payment wouldn't be taken out  we did not leave a leeway in our account power and food was a little more important and our account over drafted.

We have a call in since Monday to talk to a supervisor and have called every day this week to try to speak with a supervision only to be routed around and around  in circles we just got off the phone with Customer Service yet again and have been told that a sup will get back to us when he can. The CSR's now seem to have an attitude towards us and that could be a little customer_suck since when the CSR got an attitude my SO got one right back.

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