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Could you look up the definition of "news", please?

Dear Bergen Record,

There a lot of things that count as news and are worthy of front page coverage: politics, the economy, crime, environmental disasters, etc. Heck, I'll even grant you sports.

An upcoming episode of South Park? Not by any stretch of the imagination.

ETA:Apparently, expecting non-fluff news on the front of a newspaper is the minority opinion on this com. *shrug* Oh well, I'll just depart from the thread with a "YOU KIDS GET THE HELL OFF MY LAWN!!!" and leave it at that.

BTW, could the tagger add the "I dare you to say Hastur three times" tag? Not related, but I like that one.

Edit:To correct embarrassing typo.
Tags: "i know this isn't really bad service", "i'll not be coming back here", ^annoyance, also try consumerist.com, are the sheep looking?, as featured on sf_d, beaaaan! beeaaannnnnn!!!!, bitter: party of you, bizzaro, bloody hell, bucket full of shit, butthurt, call 911 hurp durp!, can you guys fucking play nice for once?, can you hear me now?, caution: direct attacks, community of unwashed illiterates, community toothbrush, consider living in a bubble, cool story bro!, customers shouldn't get what they want, defensive much?, delivering bad service, disbelieving horde demands proof, don't speak, enya is hardcore 4 realz, finger on the delete button, flouncy flounce, fluffed-up angry snoot poodle tone, following rules =/= bad service, forced to read tags at gunpoint, fyi: tags =/= wank, get off my driveway/porch/lawn!, get the emp: tagbots en route!, go local sports team!, got your 7 cents right here n00b, helpful comments, helpful tip, hope i die before i get old, hot fresh wank in 30 min or less, how quotes work, i call crazy bananas!, i don't know why it says that, i smell bacon!!!, i'm on a boat!, internet lawyering, it came from the internet, it's only bad service if you die, just here for the tags, lamb is my favorite vegetable, lazy worker, letter to, maybe it was a dare, maybe they thought you were deaf, maybe they were zombies, mod comment, mod having too much fun with tags, mod mock mod mock!, my boo is fly lol, my new hobby? tagging, next purchase: big girl panties, one of those, online store/subscription, op *obviously* smarter than us all, op be trippin', op likes posting!, op likes replying!, op types typingly, persnickety tags, possible bad service?, read the fine print, reading is for squares, sans pretentiousness, screencap while you can folks, small scared animal, someone needs a hug, sometimes you have to wonder if it's you, stomping around, sure recipe for internet wank, tags r srs bzness!!!!, the crazy is in the comments, they see me trollin they hatin, this can only end in beers, this deer is desiccated, this entry 100% psycho clerk free!, this post's topicality is off, totally not about rats, traded my brain in for a backbone, tv rots your brain, uncaring service, wank, what we have here is a failer, wtf service or wtf post?, you don't *always* gotta speak up, you get the tags you deserve
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