Atropos (atropos_lee) wrote in bad_service,

When an Apple franchise goes bad...

So my boss goes on holiday, and leaves his Mac Powerbook in my hands; the touchpad needs replacing, and the display is playing up.
I walk 20 yards to the Apple re-seller store in our street, where over the past 3 years the company has spent over £10,000 in hardware and repairs.

I hand it over, and go through the laborious process of logging the condition, the faults, our account details etc, and I'm told that they will be in touch as soon as they have a price on the new parts.  I pay the advance fee, and before I leave I check that they have all my contact details.

Roll on 48 hours, I've heard nothing, so I walk into the store.  The clerk checks the screen.

Clerk1: We contacted you yesterday, with the cost, and asked if you wanted to confirm the repairs.

Me: No you didn't.  I was alone in the office and I have 24 hour voicemail.  You didn't leave a phone message or send an email.

Clerk1: Oh.  Sorry about that.  Do you want to go ahead with the work at this price?

Me: Yes please.  When will you be done.

Clerk1: I'll order the parts today, they should be in on Monday, so pick up on Tuesday...  We'll call you when it's ready, or if there's any delay.

So, this Tuesday, my boss is due back, and I haven't heard anything, so I walk back into the store.

Clerk2 looks up our account.

Clerk2: Sorry, its says here that we called you on Thursday, asking if you wanted to go ahead, and you never called back.

Me:  a.) you never called me.  b.) I stood here on Friday, and confirmed the repairs in person c.) what am I supposed to tell my co-worker about his disassembled laptop?

Clerk2 then makes a big show of calling my office while I'm standing in front of him, and holding out the phone so I can hear my own voicemail announcement. 

Sugar, I know what it says, I recorded it - the problem is that NO ONE BOTHERED TO LEAVE A MESSAGE  ON THE TAPE. 

He then makes another huge show of calling the supplier and asking for the parts as a "rush order", because he has a "difficult customer" - and apologises to the supplier for thr inconvenience, rather than to me!

I finally picked up the repaired laptop yesterday - a week later than necessary - and took the opportunity to close the account at the same time.

20 minutes later I got one phone message, and 2 emails asking me to reconsider...
Tags: "i'll not be coming back here", electronics store, lazy worker, maybe they thought you were deaf, maybe they were zombies, tech support

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