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I'm not here right now, I've gone to find myself

Going Postal.

 My normal mail man is awesome. So awesome, I make sure every Christmas season that he gets a little package of chocolates, just as a thank you.

I run an ebay business, good postal service is a definite need of mine and I have lots of packages coming in and out of my place. So, I appreciate good service and try to reward it, especially since with the influx of items I get, my post man has to go a little out of his way for me.

My Saturday post man, or any day that awesome man is off, is not so awesome

In fact, he is a total douche bag. I have had this guy literally throw my packages and he NEVER rings the door bell, even when a package requires a signature. So, I often end up having to pick up my items on MONDAY after the Saturday because the sucker is too lazy to get out of his mail-mobile. Yes, there's been days I've been home and he's never rang the door bell and come to find peach sheets in my mail box that they, 'missed me.' I'm a bit of a hermit after the school week. I don't want to go out, so usually, I'm always home on Saturdays. Besides, open windows and open doors is a generally good sign I'm home. Or my garage door up with my car in the garage.

I was once woken by the crash of glass and then a mail truck peeling out of my horseshoe driveway.

Turns out, mail douche had tossed a package containing a GLASS DOME that was clearly marked fragile.

I've reported this douche nozzle time and time again and nothing ever gets done.

Yesterday made me stabbity, though. My mother was over, and I had to go to a dental appointment, so she goes out to move her SUV since it's blocking my car in the driveway. At that perfect opportunity, Mail-douche pulls in and blocks my mother in. He gives HER the packages, and then proceeds to chat her up for some time, much to my annoyance. She also has this mail douche as she lives on the next block over and has also filed complaints that he hits on her and harasses her.

He drops an envelope that he forgot, and she goes to pick it up and he tells her basically that she, "Needed the exercise anyways," to which earns a very frigid glare from me, who is waiting to leave. Asshole douche bag could take his own advice and remove his arse from his mail truck a little more often if he wants to get like that. ( My mother is a 14, hardly 'large,' but that's hardly the point. ) Peeling out of my driveway, he is soon back after nearly colliding with the back end of my mother's SUV because he, "Forgot another package."

Fucking idiot.

BTW, my dental service was awesome~
Tags: customers shouldn't get what they want, delivering bad service
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