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"you should've gotten your order right!"

Okay, so I went to a Taco Bell recently, and when I looked at my receipt, I noticed that the the employee had entered the quantity of tacos incorrectly.

I told the employee that we only need one taco instead of five.

She nodded and asked if I wanted five.

Again, I said that we only wanted one.

When the order came out, lo and behold, they gave us four extra tacos, so I told them that we didn't want the extra ones.

I tried to be nice and said that the order was entered incorrectly and that I had attempted to correct it twice.

I was rather passive when I told them to correct it, so it was partially my fault, but the manager sneered and said,

"oh, so you only want one?"

I said yes.

She sighed and I said "It's ok. I don't want your employee getting into trouble."

The manager sneered again and said, "It's okay for you, but not for her. She will get into trouble because we have to debit her box for the refund."

By this point, I wouldn't have minded if they just gave me the money back, but the manager was looking at me with a kind of haughty, incredulous look on her face.

I explained that I didn't change my order and that I had attempted to correct her employee twice.

She said, "you just have to tell us how many tacos you want and then tell us what kind of taco you want after that."

She didn't acknowledge the fact that the employee had misheard our order and entered it incorrectly.

In fact, she basically said that the onus was on the customer to ensure that the order was correct.

I just found her attitude to be flippant and disrespectful. She acted like giving us a refund because of her employee's error was a hassle and that we should have ordered our meal correctly.

In the end, I think that I could have made a more direct attempt to correct our order the minute I saw that it was incorrect, but I found the manager's attitude to be condescending and rude.

There may have been a language barrier with the employee, but the woman who took our order was sweet and kind of embarrassed by her boss.

Tags: *fast food, customers shouldn't get what they want, defensive much?, i accidentally a customer suck
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