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Springhill marriot

I spent the weekend this weekend at a convention at the lovely Springhill Marriot. It went well, all was good. I forgot a bag at the hotel though... (My fault, I know, partially. It had been shoved under an end table by a housekeeper and turned so that the red side faced the wall, making it really hard to see, I forgot to move it back in sight. In the morning we were still exhausted from the weekends con, and long drive, and out of sight was out of mind)

We called the hotel Immediatly on realising the bag was left behind. Got told that no one had been in the room since, and no one had been in to clean it. Yay! Lo and behold today, the bag is mysteriously gone, all my ds games are unaccounted for. Housekeeping says they didn't find it of course.

Admittedly, I half expected this, it is a hotel, and I should not have left it behind. What I did not expect was the hotel to utterly blow me off. Up to and including the management not bothering to return my call, for over five hours, then when she did, all she would tell me was that she trusts her head housekeeper, in an excessively rude tone. It was obvious the woman thought I was trying to scam her, even though I had at no time asked for anything but my bag to be found.
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