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Oh Walgreens. 30 =/= 60

Yesterday I went to Walgreens to pick up my monthly prescription of 7.5/750 mg of vicodin. I picked it up around 10:30 a.m., but didn't open the bag until later that evening, around 7:00, after the pharmacy was closed.

As soon as I took the bottle out of the bag, I knew they fucked up. 60 vicodin don't fit in a small bottle. 30 do. 60 don't. Sure enough, they gave me a small bottle. Just to be sure, I empty the pills out on a tray, count them out, and yup. Only 30. I look at the label. 60 is circled with the pharmacist's initials, showing that the count was double checked, like it always is. Oh really? Hrm. Nope. Not this time.

The Walgreens pharmacy in my town closes at 6:00 on Sunday, so there was nothing I could do about it last night...which means no pain pill before bed...and no pain pill this morning...because I was completely out...arg.

I call after they open and leave a message because it doesn't give me the option to speak to anyone immediately. I outline the problem and about an hour later I get a phone call back.

The woman from the pharmacy asks me to explain the situation. I do. She says she checked her pill count and she's only off by 8. I tell her, ok..well I'm off by 30. She tells me to bring the bottle in and she'll see what she can do...but she was me. I'm sure they probably have to deal with people trying to get more pills out of them by lying about it, but damn woman. Don't judge me, please. Check my records. Call my doc if you have to. Squeaky clean record here.

My back hurts. My knees hurt. I just want to take my pill. :( I'm going in after work to show her the tiny bottle, with the label, all 30 pills, so hopefully they'll make it right..otherwise I'll have to go beg my doctor for more pills for the month.

Edit: I went in on my lunch break instead of waiting until I got off work. Apparently the pharmacist was prepared for me. She had a new script waiting, and just wanted to take a look at the one I was given. When she saw the small bottle and who filled it, she got...yeah, I'll just go with pissed...that's the nice way to put it. She apologized, handed me my new bottle, and said that I was obviously not given the right amount of medication because there was no way 60 pills could fit in that bottle and apologized again.

So yay! I'm surprised it went so well.
Tags: *bad service turned good, *medical/pharmacy
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