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El Pollo Loco -- annoying service

This annoying service happened just an hour and a half ago. It's the kind of service where all you can do is just sigh about it, LOL.

At El Pollo Loco, there is a sign up for a new product, Queso Crunch burrito, available in chicken or steak (link goes to a page about the product). The sign says something to the effect of "flame-grilled chicken or Carne Asada with Jack cheese & poblano queso, fresh Pico de Gallo salsa, crispy tortilla strips and optional jalapeno slices."

Me: I'd like a chicken Queso Crunch Burrito combo with no pico de gallo.
El Pollo Loco Lady: *not paying attention, has no idea what I said and asks me to repeat myself*
Me: I'd like a chicken Queso Crunch Burrito combo with no pico de gallo.
EPLL: *looks up at menu* Uh... *points to the sign* You mean the Queso Crunch Burrito? *manager comes over at this point and helps her at the register*
Me: *nods* Yes...
EPLL: It comes with either chicken or steak, which would you like?
Me: The chicken, with no pico de gallo.
EPPL: Did you want it as a combo?
Me: Yes... with no pico de gallo.
EPLL: *rings it up as 'no jalapenos'*
Me: No, I don't want pico de gallo.
EPLL: *kind of ignores me but says "no jalapenos", and rings up what my parents want, and begins to read back our order* ... with no jalapenos.
Me: *sighing* I don't want PICO DE GALLO. I want jalapenos, I don't want PICO DE GALLO.
EPLL and Manager: *both looking at the sign* The Queso Crunch Burrito doesn't come with pico de gallo.
Me: *at this point, I am just looking at the sign and looking at them and just kind of sighing* Um... ok.
My Dad: The sign says it comes with pico de gallo...
EPLL and Manager: *look at sign* Okay, so you DO want jalapenos just no pico de gallo?
Me: YES!

I see the EPLL and her manager make the appropriate changes; it prints out as NO PICO DE GALLO on the receipt.

I get my chicken Queso Crunch Burrito and, YOU GUESSED IT, it has freakin' pico de gallo on it. *major sigh* I got it remade, but geesh, how annoying!

(This has happened before. There is some kind of communication problem between the register and the kitchen printer. EVERY single time I say no pico de gallo [and it is rung up as no pico], I ALWAYS get pico de gallo on my food.)
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