Jennifer (buran) wrote in bad_service,

Does this count as bad service?

AppleInsider | Catalog resellers attempt to recapture Tiger

I have NEVER heard of a company telling you to return a legitimately purchased product that is not defective, especially not their arrogant "send it back or we'll cancel your account" spiel (see the comments on the article) that one guy got. If I paid for it, it became mine the moment the shipper left the box with me. Not yours.

If you want it, you will be paying me for it. Nor will you be threatening me and expecting me to not penalize you for it. If it is mine, and you want it, you will BUY IT FROM ME ... and I will be making a profit off of you. If you refuse, then you do not get it. "Sure, I'll send it back. The price is $500. What, you don't want to pay me that much? That's my price. Take it or leave it. Oh, and that'll be creditable to the card I used to buy it."

(I wouldn't shop there in the future, either, and they'd know that it was their arrogance that cost them.)
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