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The mysteries of account 'holds'

When I woke up saturday I found two fifty dollar charges that I didnt make on my bank account statement. Checking my email brought me a message from Facebook, advising me that someone had attached my bankcard to their FB account and giving me a link to a form to fill out in case this was a case of fraud.

Putting two and two together, I contacted CapOne to freeze my card and filled out the helpful little FB form. CapOne was great about freezing my card, and ordering me a new one for that matter, but of course there was nothing they could do about the two charges because 'holds aren't actual transactions.

As I'm sure you all remember, a 'hold' is a declaration by a company that they intend to take x amount out of your account. It is always possible for holds to fall off the account... ie the declaring company decides for whatever reason not to take the money out. Therefore until the hold becomes an actual transaction there is nothing the bank can do... yadda yadda bullshit.

Ok, I move money into the joint account I share with the hubby monster to make our monthly layaway payment for furniture. Sunday a 40 dollar charge comes in, still comfortably over 100 in the freezer... s'all good. Four pm Tuesday, my physical bank closes at three, I check email and the account. (The holds were slated to be paid out on monday.) FB has agreed the two fifty dollar charges are fraud, AND the holds have vanished. Looking over my bank account I have 299 and change as a balance. I need money for the week so I take 1/2 of that leaving 149+change in the frozen account just in case.

Check my account this morning and find.... a -42.oo balance on the account. Apparently the two charges from FB have reappeared and gone through! Also, despite the fact that the only new charges on the account between 4pm Tuesday and 5am Wednesday are these two 50$ charges, the account with a 149 balance overdrew triggering a 35$ overdraft fee. So I call the bank again.

I call CapOne and get a rep who decides to get stuck on explaining 'holds' to me, despite my repeated telling her that I understand the concept of holds, and that my issue was that somehow my 149 that was in the bank at 4pm was not enough to cover the 100$ that fb took out of my bank acocunt that afternoon. Then she wants to go over all the transactions on the account, which would be alright except for the fact that the only difference between this morning and yesterday afternoon were the appearance of two fifty dollar charges that have somehow according to the numbers on my computer screen resulted in 157$ worth of charges to my account, as well as the 34$ overdraft that I want removed. Eventually I got bitchy and asked her if I should wait for my seven-year-old neice who lives down the street to wake up so we could find out what 149-100=. Finally!!! Blessed Silence on her end, which is when I asked to be transferred to a supervisor.

Well after a bit of back and forth with him, he will see about having the overdraft removed but he considers it an error on my part (because I dont keep a check register), and I consider it an error on the banks part (because instead of listing the transactions in the order they are recieved, they are listed in order from date recieved then from smallest to largest which makes it even more difficult to find individual transactions. And because entries have an interesting habit of appearing and disappearing like the FB charges that started this mess did.)

Regardless, I transferred enough money back into my account from the joint account to cover the overdraft plus. Now according to their own rules, since my transfer is the highest dollar amount transaction for the day, and should post before whatever pending transaction it was that caused the overdraft, in theory the overdraft wont happen and their fee should not kick in at all (according to the manager the overdraft fee is currently nothing more than a 'hold' in and off itself). Now to see what happens.

TL:DR More fun with overdrafts, and funky banker's accounting. Customer gets bitchy when bank-rep gets stuck on stupid and keeps trying to explain a concept that is already understood instead of addressing the real problem. Manager and customer agree to disagree, and customer waits to see if bank will keep using their funky accounting when it works to her own advantage.
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