Ashleigh (xhorizen) wrote in bad_service,

Mr. Transmissions in Parker, Colorado, I loathe you.

The service on my car started off very well. My transmission went out all of a sudden and I was completely without my reverse and my 4th gear. I had to drive it in 3rd in order to make it move. (All my fault, whoops. The things you learn when you're young). Anyway, I took it in and they told me it was going to take up to three days because of something. Fine, I'm on winter break from college, go for it. Three days go by, no call. I call them back and am told I will get a call back with information before the end of the business day.

Nope. I call the next morning and am told everything that is wrong with my car, finally. I even had them talk to my dad because I know nothing about cars and he said it was legit. The price of all of the parts needed to fix my transmission was right around $2000. I opted for the new parts instead of the used parts because the new parts were only $200 more and came with a lifetime warranty. Once I tell the guy this, he tells me it could take up to a week to get everything fixed, but he will keep me updated. This car was my baby, so yeah, I want updates.

It took them TWO WEEKS to get my transmission fixed. The day it was supposed to be fixed, I called asking when I can come pick it up and am told that, while one of the mechanics was putting the transmission back in, he broke the water pump. I was also told, and I quote "That you really shouldn't be rushing us to get the job done. Putting in a transmission is a very delicate process and had you not been so impatient, your water pump wouldn't have been broken."

No, I'm not kidding. My jaw dropped, but what am I going to do? This guy was the manager and I just wanted my car back. The next day, I'm called and told my car will be ready within an hour, come and pick it up! I go and pick it up and everything is fine.

Until 3 months later when my car suddenly dies while on the highway. I manage to get it to an exit where my mom can pick me up and have the car towed to the nearest location. A full diagnostic would cost $100, but a quick looksie was free. What did that looksie reveal? A belt that was running my engine was flipped over. What caused this? An improperly installed water pump.

Thank you, Mr. Transmissions, for belittling me, costing me $2000, then costing me an additional $17000 in having to buy a new car. You gave me the worst service of my life and I will NEVER recommend you to anyone with transmission problems.

And since I'm sure it will be asked, no, I didn't report it. By the time my car was ready, I literally had to drive it back to my parents house, pack it up, and head back up to school for the start of the new semester. Oh and the time frame is this year. I got the transmission replaced the first week of January and I had to buy a new car the first day of spring break, the last day of march.
Tags: can't drive 55, car/truck repair
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