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The Omnipotent One

Sorry this is so long! Got away from me a bit.

On the 29th of July, I ordered a skirt from New Look's website. There was a sale, so the skirt and postage came to about £8.90 something.

I promptly forgot about it (this is where I suck, because I should have realised sooner) until a few weeks later when I logged onto PayPal and realised that a) oh yeah, that hadn't arrived yet, and b) the payment was marked as 'pending'.

So I called their helpline and spoke to a woman who said she didn't have a record of me placing any order. She asked that I email the transaction number to a proof of purchase email address, and they'd get back to me with the details. We hang up, and I send that email - also detailing what I told the woman on the phone. That was the 23rd of August.

On the 24th of August, I get an email back from them asking me to confirm the email address I used to register with them. I have two email addresses - the one I actually use (the one I would have used to register anything with) and the one linked to my paypal - so I send a response back explaining that, and giving both addresses.

On the 2nd of September, I get an email back saying the reason there's been a delay is because the PayPal transaction is marked as 'pending' (aka the problem I told them about in the very beginning).

On the 3rd of September, I first get in touch with PayPal to check this isn't a case of sucky-customer-forgets-she-ordered-something-and-then-is-an-asshole. I know the problem is not on my end because I have more than enough money in the bank to cover the balance (I checked this, to be sure - no problems there). They tell me that, yes, there are no problems with them putting the transaction through so while they're not entirely sure what's going on (they're not the only ones) it's nothing to do with them. Then I call the helpline. The woman I speak to asks me to verify the email address I used to register, which I do. We talk it through for a little while until she basically has to admit defeat and ask me to send a question in through the website. I do (including details of previous conversations/exchanges).

On the 11th of September, I get a response saying they have recieved my question but have recieved an unusually high level of emails and will get back to me within 24 hours.

Around about the 15th, this was a phone call so I don't have anything time-stamped to know for sure but it was a few days later, I call the helpline again, only this time I can't even get through to a real person. I stay on hold for a while but eventually have to give up.

I don't even know what to do any more, I've tried every way of contacting them, save for sending a note via carrier pigeon. I am epically confused. I don't think I can do anything any more, it now says 'expired' next to the transaction on my PayPal. I don't even know if this is bad service, or just the-world-makes-no-sense service. I have no idea what the actual problem even was!

Tags: online store/subscription, shopping online

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