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Minor/annoying doctor service

Which could become a bigger bad service if they caused a problem with my rides.

Dr. Idiot who isn't even a doctor or Nurse Practitioner:

Yes, I know it's annoying when patients don't do the testing you ask them for, but you've had a month to call me regarding this matter (I lost my thyroid testing paperwork in the shuffle after mum died, amazingly wasn't that important to me compared to, oh I don't know, her life insurance or bills).

Please do not call me an hour before my ride (did I forget to mention my car was stolen and promptly totaled?) is supposed to pick me up for my appointment and cancel because I 'forgot' to do the testing. First of all, my appointment was for my back, not the test results, they do not equal the same thing as I had to specially schedule this appointment JUST for my back, nothing else. Secondly, Translink is a bitch to schedule and to get show up, not to mention, they don't like it if I cancel an hour from pick up, in fact, they tend to yell at you and then mark you down as a 'no show' and if I get enough of those, they don't take me anymore...see no car to why this is a problem.

Thirdly, don't give me attitude when I try to explain why the testing was not important to me at the moment. Yes it's my health, I'm sorry my grief and panic got in the way, trust me, I'm still finding papers in odd places thanks to mum (and my frantic I can't explain why the water bill is in the freezer, but I'm sure I had a reason at the time).

Next time you have three-four weeks to realize I didn't do something and it may interfere with my up-coming appointment...try checking it before the day of the appointment. You have that fancy new computer system that is screwing me all to hell anyway, log in and do your job before you fuck up my life more, kay?

-Your highly annoyed and rather pissed off at the world patient..who still is in incredible back pain.

And a random update on mum's stuff: I got her remains back (they did not hold them hostage as I feared), and should be seeing a probate attorney soon (mostly for the house and her bank account, everything else is mine in the fact I paid for it originally...except her clothes), the wrongful death stuff will be held off until I have the toxicology report (autopsy came out clean, I now can go back in time and smack my mother for being a hypochondriac), so another month or so. On the plus side, I'm healing slowly but surely, so I'll still be around to annoy everyone with my random comments.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me, both on this group and personally, you guys are really the glue that held my brain together those first few weeks without her. It's apparently very hard to be co-dependent when one of the two is dead...who knew? *grins*
Tags: a wave of understanding, follow-up, insurance woes, it's only bad service if you die
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