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Can't win for losing

Right after Target started selling Kindles, I bought one. This was probably end of June or early July. I really did love the Kindle, but about the fourth time I went to turn it on, it had....crashed? It WORKED, but it was restored to factory settings and all my books, annotations, wireless settings, etc, were gone. I figured I'd done SOMETHING WRONG, reloaded everything, and went on my way.

It did it again a week later, fml.

I know that at most stores electronics can't be returned, only exchanged, and obviously since I work retail, I get why. But I'd specifically asked when I bought it if like Amazon, they'd take returns since I didn't want to drop all that money on something that might just be a pain in my ass ever after. The electronics guy said they'd take it back for any reason for Target's full 90 days. Awesome, right?

But when I tried to return it post crash, I got the third degree over the whole thing. The woman couldn't understand why "if it's REALLY defective" I wouldn't want to just exchange it. "They can't ALL be like that or everyone would be returning them!" So I caved. (Cue "you gotta speak up" tag)

Anyway, this time I bought the extended warranty thing for around $17 (doesn't cover as much as Amazon, but much cheaper.) Stupid thing crashed twice in two months. Brought it back today. Since I anticipated the "if it's REALLY defective" argument, I started off by saying I'd already had to exchange it once, so this time I'll need a refund please.

Jane* wants to know why I bought a second one if the first was so terrible.

I explain why, and she says "If it were ME, I CERTAINLY wouldn't buy a defective item twice". I say nothing. Jane makes a big show of acting like the serial number isn't scanning, looking at me each time and asking me why they don't match. I know they do, because it's not like I grabbed the wrong Kindle on my way out the door, so I just stare back at her. Jane must have flipped over the box and taken the pieces (cord, booklet, unit) out about four times apiece, I think looking for the REAL serial #, and each time she felt the need to SLAM it into its new place and back again. It was like watching a kid play whack-a-mole or soemthing.

Then she took the warranty packet and tried unsuccessfully time and again to SLAM it on top of the box....except the flaps weren't in so the top was slanted and it kept sliding off. Jane did not like this. She also told me I'd better not expect a refund on the warranty so she didn't know why I'd bothered to bring the packet. I said since I was still within the 90 day return window, and the warranty was for 2 years, I wasn't keeping a warranty that never actually kicked in.

As Jane finally paged for a manager (and pretended her walkie was defective, pressing the buttons and blowing into it,) two women came up, put their stuff down next to me on the counter instead of waiting behind, and started asking Jane questions. This confused Jane. Apparently she decided she couldn't dick me around and deal with them at the same time, so suddenly the serial number "took" and it was okay to return a warranty and I had my refund.

So first I was a thief for wanting a return, then a thief for taking the exchange. And got pulled into the funhouse of Jane's mind for a turn.

I'd love to say I'm going to get my Sony reader somewhere other than Tarjay because of this, but between my own shopping experiences and stuff I've read here, there isn't a single store I feel comfortable getting it from. Maybe I'll try my luck with ebay.

* Name changed to protect the bitch.

tl;dr: Target iz too smart fer us swindlers.
Tags: "greatest" cashier evar!, department store, not as as if you bought nickelback, wal*mart/tarjay/costco
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