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A couple of days ago I went to get a tattoo. My sister went to this tattoo place a couple of weeks back and came back with a very beautiful tattoo. She told me that the place where she got it doesn't do bookings, you just walk in on the day, tell them what you want and they discuss it with you, do a test drawing right there and then tattoo you. So off I went. Now, when they finished, I was very pleased with the result. And to be honest, I didn't experience any problems. But there were a couple of things that I didn't feel they did quite right, or that made me feel a bit uncertain about the place.

Firstly, when I walked in, I wasn't asked for proof of age. That's fine, I am actually 24, but I was surprised not to be asked, since many shops still ask me for ID since the "Challenge 25" guideline started in the UK about a year or so ago (where establishments selling age related products are encouraged to ask for proof of age from anyone who appears to be under 25.) Still, Challenge 25 is a guideline, and not the law, so technically they weren't doing anything wrong by not asking for my ID. It just makes me wonder if they would ask a 17 year old.

Secondly, no health questions. This is only my second tattoo - when I had my first one, I had to answer various health questions, sign a form, and was also asked if I had had alcohol in the last 24 hours since alcohol in the system can affect the outcome of the tattoo. The guys in this place didn't ask me any of those questions.

Third, I wasn't given any aftercare information. Now, that was okay, because I already know how to take care of a tattoo thanks to the extensive aftercare advice and leaflet I was given for my first tattoo. But the guys in the shops should have run me through it or at the very least asked if I wanted aftercare advice. If someone else had their first ever tattoo there they wouldn't know how to look after it.

And finally, this is a bit of an odd one. For my first tattoo, the tattooist wrapped cling film around it afterwards, and I've seen lots of other people with new tattoos have theirs wrapped in cling film. This shop didn't put cling film on the tattoo, and when I asked about it, they explained that wrapping a tattoo in cling film is unhealthy, because the wound needs air to breathe. :\ I don't know whether this is bad or not, I only know that it seems to be different from most other tattoo places that I've seen.

Like I said I was pleased with the tattoo I got and I personally didn't have any problems with the way they did it. But I can imagine their methods being a problem for other customers, either those who are under eighteen, have health issues that they don't realise might be a problem, or are having their first tattoo and don't know how to care for it.
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