Helter Stupid. (insecurelobster) wrote in bad_service,
Helter Stupid.

I had a rather bizarre experience at Wells Fargo yesterday. I've had no problems with them in the past, but yesterday was one of the most blatant displays of unprofessionalism that I've ever seen, apart from the tie-chewing legal assistant I met with a few months ago, but that's another story.

I came in wanting to set up a Certificate of Deposit. I'm greeted by this rather strange female banker - one of those weird blank faces you can't really read. I explain what I need, blah blah blah, standard stuff. At one point she needs my ID, so I give it to her.

"Wow. Has anyone ever told you you look like a little boy in this picture?"
"Um. No, not really." (I'm a pretty young looking woman and I have short hair, but I've never heard 'LITTLE BOY', cripes.)
She looks at the picture, gives a weird smile, back at me. This continues for 30 seconds.
"Yeah, yeah! Just like a little boy."

She starts to set up the transfer of money from my savings to the CD. There's a long string of silence. I'm okay with this. Not everything needs to be filled up with awkward chit-chat, right? No, not really. She asks me what I'm studying, some generic questions, and then a long pause.

"So what do your parents do?"
"My mom sells orchids and my stepdad does masonry, concrete and stuff?"

Another long pause.

"So, how'd you get all this money?"
"Oh, is it like an inheritance?"
"Mmmm....from who?"

At this point I'm just bewildered. I didn't think they were allowed to ask that kind of thing, because uh, it's intrusive and rude?

"Umm...my father actually. I didn't know him that well, he passed away a long time ago."
"Hmph. I see."

And she gives me the blank face for a full minute before snapping back to attention.

There were a few other bizarre moments with her coworkers coming over to cackle and joke and talk extensively about candy. She'd tell each one some variation of "Look at this girl, opening a CD so young! Isn't that so nice?"

I didn't know what to say through the whole thing. It was just weird and awkward and awful.

The kicker? On my way out she suggested I apply for a job at the bank. Yeah. That'll definitely happen.
Tags: *banking/finance, ^wtf, maybe they were zombies, my new hobby? tagging, tagger tags with love
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