Sammy (libwitch) wrote in bad_service,

Does she not know how to count? Or just doesn't want to do her job?

My coworker just shared this story with me:

Her and her daughter stopped into a KFC last night. Her total came up to some dollars and .87 - and since she had a handful of change, she gave the cashier .87.

The girl held it up in her hand and demanded "What's this?"

M, rather tired from a 6 hour hike and four hours of driving, thought that she had perhaps miscounted her change. "That should be eighty-seven cents."

The cashier tried to give her the change back saying "I' m tired - I don't want to count this!"

Now M is normally a really sweet woman. But M also, at this point was tired, starving - and has worked retail for many years herself.

So she took the money out of the girls hand - and counted for it her, dropping the money into the hand as she went (mind out, it was three quarters, a dime and two pennies - not like it was all small change there, either). The entire time, the cashier stood there and sighed. Because this was a difficulty for her. Or something. The cashier then closed out the order without another word.

The next couple that came up paid for a $7.00 order with a $20 and the cashier asked them if they had anything smaller "because she didn't want to have to use that many bills."
Tags: "greatest" cashier evar!, *fast food, ^wtf, got your 7 cents right here n00b, huh?, lazy worker, maybe they were zombies
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