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Landlord issues

My fiance and I moved into a home we found for rent through a rental company. The house was perfect for my 3 year old, myself and my fiance and an amazing deal.

We paid rent on time every month - if not early. We did not cause issues. We kept the place in good condition. This, apparently, was not enough for the rental company.

We would call in work-orders and they would never end up completed. We had to call in over and over and our requests would not be taken care of until we called and practically had to beg. They also had quarterly inspections which we'd never get our notices for and had no idea any body had been in our home until they mailed out the inspection results. This was annoying, but still we did not say anything because we knew they had the inspections and we knew about the time they went out, we just would have liked to know when they would be there so we could be present.

Well, I had another baby so now our house had myself, my fiance a 3 year old and a newborn. I went back to work and my fiance and I both were working 60 hour work weeks. Did our house get messy? Yes. Was it disgusting? No. I can't handle a messy home. So, one day we get an inspection notice in the mail about the home being a mess. Yes, there were dishes I had not done and some laundry but again, I hate a messy home. So, I was a bit surprised.

Well, when our lease was ending we sent them the notice and began packing to move somewhere bigger, without the inspections. Well, while we are trying to juggle working, the kids and packing we are getting knocks on our door from people. Apparently our house was already put up on the website and when people were calling to inquire about a showing rather than scheduling anything they told people to "just stop by whenever". So, now I have people at my door. People who think that since its on the website it's vacant and would come peering in our windows. I called the rental company over and over to ask them to please schedule this with me. I left messages telling them if you tell me I can pretty the house up a bit for these showings. Finally I got a call back after I left a message that told the woman that if she'd rather me do showings I will but I am packing and I would like to think they'd rather show the house when it looks nice.

So, we have 2 days left there and we begin getting calls and messages telling us they need to start showing and asking us to leave early. No, our lease is up the day we get our new keys. We had nowhere else to go. This prompted the woman to tell us it was selfish and that we were unwilling to do showings so it will take more time to get the house rented out. Okay 1) I left messages asking you to schedule showings with me and I would help out because it is in our lease (where it also states we'd get 48 hours notice) and 2) regardless the house will still need to be cleaned a bit so you weren't going to immediately move anyone in anyways. Again, I have a 3 year old and I had already told the woman his bedroom carpet would need to be replaced.

After we left she told us our security deposit (which was $1200 refundable) would be sent to us after the carpet was cleaned and any other little cleaning job that may be needed, or they'd send an invoice or bill. I asked how long, she said 10 days. Well, here it is nearly 20 days later and I've heard nothing. I've called and she refuses to call back. I sent an email and set up the prompt to tell if it was deleted before reading, and it was.

I'm extremely annoyed and I have no idea where to go from here.
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