musichica05 (musichica05) wrote in bad_service,

Minor suck/wtf

This is kinda minor, but every time my friend and I go to this bagel place, something sucky, or wtf-y, happens.  So, the other day my friend and I decide to take a break from studying and hit up our favorite bagel shop for lunch.
Script format, because I can.

S: my friend
CW1: Crazy Worker 1
CW2: Crazy Worker 2
M: Me!

S: *notices the salad bowls are not put out* Do you guys have salad?
CW1: Yes
S: *long pause* Can I have one?
CW1: Sure
S: *another long pause* Do you have spring mix?
CW1: Yeah *gets it out, and makes the salad*

Just wtf-y, but seriously, 2+ word responses are not going to kill you.

M: *walks up to CW2* Hello!
CW2: *takes 2 minutes to put on gloves*
M: *gives order for yummy bagel*
CW2: Any dressing? Mayonaise?
M: No thanks.
CW2: Are you sure?
M: Yep, I'm sure.
CW2: Really?
M: Yes....
CW2: *gives me weird look before going back to making my sandwich* No mayonaise?
M: No! No mayonaise!

What is so hard to understand about no mayonaise? Maybe if you guys didn't pour a shit ton of it on the sandwiches, I'd get some, but until then, not gonna happen.

Tags: "greatest" cashier evar!, *fast food, customers shouldn't get what they want, deli/sandwich shop, it's only bad service if you die, you gotta speak up
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