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I moved from NY to El Paso,Tx about 6 months ago. In NY, I never had to wait in line very long at Target. It's why I would always go there, I'd rather pay a little bit of higher prices than deal with the long lines of Walmart. Here in El paso, both the Targets around me only have 2-3 registers open (even on the weekend!).

Today most of the Army soldiers have off here, and since it's 2 days after pay day, everywhere (including Target) is packed! We needed to get a few things, including a cooler for our BBQ tomorrow. We were really excited to see a igloo cooler w/ wheels and a handle on sale for $29.99 (yes, we know how to read tags, we've both worked at target before). We were about the 6th person in line, only 2 registers were open. This isn't the suck,it's not the employees fault that the higher ups don't care that there are not enough cashiers.

When it was finally our turn, the cooler rang up $49.99. We told the cashier it's marked $29.99, she said she'd get someone to do a price check. Instead of getting someone to do a price check, she had us move to the front of the register and continued to cash multiple customers out! After waiting about 5 minutes I finally said that if she didn't at least tell someone we need a price check in 2 minutes, we're just leaving the stuff there. I didn't say it directly to her because her back was to me while she was cashing someone out, but I was loud so she would hear me. She really waited that 2 minutes, just as I was about to take my 2yr old out of the cart, she went to the other cashier and said "oh these people need a price check", then went back to ringing people out. The other cashier did nothing.

We waited about another 3-4 minutes, nothing. I think the other cashier was a supervisor because she had a walkie talkie. My husband said, "Alright, screw it, lets just go".. the supervisor cashier then called for a rush price check since "the customers have been waiting so long". After another 2 minutes or so, a girl with a PDA came, checked it on the PDA then ran to the coolers. She was very quick. A whole minute didn't even pass when the cashiers phone rang.

The cashier didn't even look at me or say anything. She walked over to the supervisor cashier, they talked in a low voice to each other (there was only 1 register between them). When she came back, she didn't say anything, she just scanned the suspended receipt, typed something in the computer, and stood there. I had to walk around and look at her computer to get my total and find out for myself that we were given them $29.99 price. I swiped my credit card and was waiting the for signature part to show up. My husband asked me something, so I looked at him to answer. I had just turned my head and the cashier said in a rushed and rude tone "you need to sign it". Like the world will end because you have to wait a few seconds for me, when I've waited over 10 minutes for her. I know the girl was frustrated because I heard her say she was supposed to leave at 12:45 and it was 1pm... but you do not take it out on a customer.

I was heated, so I left without speaking to a manager. Lord only knows it'd probably take her 30 minutes to get a manager.My theory is she knew it'd be a bit for a price check and she was supposed to leave around when we 1st got to her, so she figured if she didn't get my price check she'd be gone nd wouldn't have to deal with me. I did, however, e-mail a complaint about waiting around 10 minutes just for them to finally ask someone to do a price check.

***EDIT***: When I said "I didn't say it directly to her", I meant I didn't say it to her face... That's why I said "because her back was to me". Let me break this down. I said it TO her, but I said it to her back (because her back was to be the entire time). So this was not passive aggressive. That would be if I had said it to my husband, but if I had, I would have said so in the post. The cashier was intentionally ignoring us. She knew we were still there because my husband and I were having a conversation (about the BBQ and xmas, not passive aggressive comments). We were very patiently waiting, I was nice to her when I said it, and at the end I even thanked her and told her to have a good day even though she said nothing to me. Just because I didn't ask the girl to turn around to talk to her face, doesn't make me a bad customer. If I had been nasty about it, then I would have been a bad customer. Never expect a customer to be super duper polite when you're intentionally ignoring them.
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